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Smith eDigest informs the campus about Smith College–related activities. During the academic year it is distributed every Tuesday and Thursday; during the summer it is distributed only on Tuesdays. Submissions should apply to the entire community (either faculty/staff or students). Messages designed for or targeted to specific groups (e.g., a particular department or student organization) will not be accepted and should be communicated in other ways (e.g., via a group email or listserv). Submissions from or related to non-Smith organizations will not be accepted.

eDigest will publish items a maximum of three times. Submissions are due by 5 p.m. the day before publication date. Please do not submit a single item for publication more than once.

Submissions must conform to Smith policies as stated in the Student and Employee Handbooks. The eDigest editor reserves the right to edit or decline submissions.
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Headline or name of event:
Make sure your headline describes your item or event.
Example: Panel Discussion to Focus on Middle East.
(PLEASE NOTE: 15 words or fewer)

Event date:
Please select the date of the event from the popup calendar. You may enter dates manually as well.

Event time:

Event location:
If your event location is not listed, please specify in the description below.

Please state your event in the THIRD person, avoiding the use of 'please join us.' Use proper grammar and spelling; do not use ALL CAPS or exclamation points. Consult the Smith Style Guide for more information. (PLEASE NOTE: limit 100 words)

Date(s) to run this item in eDigest?
Please select the eDigest dates that you would like this item to run.
Limited to 3 listing dates. Tuesdays/Thursdays only during the academic year; Tuesdays only other times.

Alert the eDigest editor to any special information:

Click the button below to REVIEW your item - you then must also SUBMIT the item on the next page after you review it.