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A Culture of Care

Read Smith’s UPDATED plans as of November 23, 2020,
for the spring 2021 semester.

Center for Religious & Spiritual Life

Helen Hills Hills Chapel

Reflect | Resist | Rejuvenate

The Center for Religious and Spiritual Life is an interreligious, nondenominational body that promotes spiritual flourishing for all students, religious and nonreligious alike. Our areas of focus are ethical reflection, social and racial justice and civic engagement, mindfulness and contemplative practice, and community building based in dialogue and respect. We provide resources grounded in different faith and wisdom traditions, and strive to raise religious literacy and promote interfaith engagement toward a more inclusive, just and engaged citizenry. In the midst of a vibrant academic community, we encourage explorations of mystery, faith, ritual and that which we experience as holy.

We invite you to reflect, resist, rejuvenate with us, and remember—whoever you are, wherever you have been and wherever you are going, you are welcome here.

Our Mission

The Smith Center for Religious & Spiritual Life offers guidance and pastoral care through a lens of mutuality and exploration, and we collaborate to respond with grace and courage to the events that threaten to disrupt our lives. We are invested in what Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King and others before him called the “beloved community,” a dynamic vision in which the worth, dignity and promise of each human is honored and in which we strive to live as stewards of the earth and its creatures.

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Featured Event

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Toward Racial Justice at Smith - A Living Document for Community Comment

Smith College has embarked on the first phase of an emerging strategic plan for racial justice. The proposed recommendations have been informed by student, staff and faculty contributions to Inclusion in Action work, consideration of student and alumnae/i demands, and discussions with the Inclusion Council and President’s Cabinet.

In this time of urgent racial crisis, we invite comment, critique and refinement of this emerging plan.


Center For Religious & Spiritual Life Blog

Recent Posts

Thankfulness as a Remedy for Change

Kim Alston
October 13, 2020
There is a popular saying in Islam that Muslims use in their everyday interactions to give thanks, praise and glory to God. Alhamdulillah is an Arabic phrase translated as All praises are due to Allah. Muslims use it to show … Continue reading →

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a Tzadik

Rhonda Shapiro-Rieser
October 5, 2020
After Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, 11-year-old Micah Blay made a pilgrimage to the U.S. Supreme Court and blew the shofar for the hundreds of people gathered there. In keeping with Jewish custom, they laid small stones on the steps … Continue reading →

CONVOCATION (Invocation) 2020, August 31, 2020

Matilda Cantwell
September 2, 2020
Smith College acknowledges and appreciates the fact that our College is built within the ancestral homelands of the Nonotuck peoples. We also recognize our present-day neighboring indigenous nations: the Nipmuc and the Wampanoag to the East, the Mohegan, Pequot, and … Continue reading →

Shooting a Virus Dred Feminist Rant #16

Kim Alston
July 23, 2020
The corona virus exposes unmistakable crises in capitalism. While we reconfigure our expectations and lifestyles because of a virus few of us knew about three months ago, we endure this unimaginable crisis under a ruthless economic philosophy that sacrifices people … Continue reading →

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Center for Religious & Spiritual Life

Helen Hills Hills Chapel
123-125 Elm Street
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063

Our Staff

Phone: 413-585-2750
Fax: 413-585-2794

We are open daily to the Smith community from 7:30 a.m.-9 p.m. for prayer, reflection, conversation, meditation, study and worship.