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Alumnae volunteers sitting around a table

Volunteers make Smith stronger by being our best advocates, sharing the good news from campus, recruiting the best and brightest students and supporting the next generation of leaders. There are many ways to share your time and talent with the Smith community, whether it is meeting with a prospective student and telling her about your own Smith experience, organizing events for your local Smith club, writing class notes for the Smith Alumnae Quarterly, or helping to raise much-needed funds for student scholarships through The Smith Fund. When you volunteer for Smith, everyone benefits. 

Get Involved

Share your passion for Smith with prospective students and their families by becoming an Alumnae admission volunteer. More than 1,800 alumnae help identify the best and brightest prospective students by representing Smith at college fairs (we supply materials and training), by conducting local interviews for students applying to the college and by working with high school guidance counselors to distribute the Smith College Book Award. If you are interested in learning more about becoming involved in recruiting students for Smith, please contact us at

What You Can Do

  • Talk to high school students in your hometown about your Smith experience.
  • Represent Smith at college fairs in your hometown.
  • Interview prospective students and guide them through the application process.

Help alumnae connect with Smith and one another based on a shared interest or affinity. Volunteers may be part of an informal group committee or a member of a formal board of officers.

What You Can Do

  • Share your Smith story with a prospective student.
  • Attend an event in your area.
  • Serve as a speaker on a panel.

Sharing your career path is one of the most effective—and inspirational—ways you can help a student or fellow alumna. Log in to the Alumnae Directory and update your information to be sure that your current work information is accurate so students looking for information about your field can find you.

What You Can Do

  • Be a guest speaker or presenter
  • Write a blog post for the career section of the alumnae website
  • Review resumes
  • Conduct mock interviews over the phone
  • Share networking techniques, entrepreneurial ideas and more

If you are interested in volunteering in a career-related role, please contact the Alumnae Association. See the Professional Development page for more information.

Class volunteers connect classmates throughout the year through e-newsletters, mini-reunions, Facebook pages, class websites and notes in the Smith Alumnae QuarterlyClass officers are elected every five years during Reunion.

What You Can Do

To find out how you can volunteer for your class, contact your class president.

Smith clubs around the world host a variety of events—receptions, book clubs, community service projects, museum visits—that offer opportunities to connect with the college, alumnae, faculty and students. Clubs also help the admission office by organizing events for prospective and admitted students. To find out how to get involved with a club in your area, contact your local club president.

What You Can Do

  • Help plan programs and events for alumnae and prospective students
  • Reach out to alumnae in your local area
  • Host a book group
  • Engage a faculty speaker for a presentation

See the Clubs & Groups page to learn more about Smith clubs around the world. 

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For two weekends each May, Smith welcomes thousands of alumnae, their families and friends to campus for a celebration of the Smith experience. Volunteers develop programming that reflects the interests of their class, from panel discussions to special performances.

To learn more about volunteering for your Reunion, contact your class Reunion chair.

What You Can Do

  • Plan programs
  • Reach out to classmates to encourage attendance
  • Become a house rep
  • Assist with the signs for the Alumnae Parade
  • Set up Reunion headquarters
  • Organize mini-reunions in your area

To learn more about Reunion volunteer roles, see the Reunion page.

Award Recipients

A group of volunteer award recipients

Smith College owes a debt of gratitude to generations of volunteers for building connections among alumnae in their communities. The Alumnae Volunteer Recognition Awards are presented annually to recognize and celebrate individuals and clubs for distinguished leadership, innovation and continued volunteer service to Smith.



  • Gardi Pedersen Hauck ’65, Office of Alumnae Relations Class Volunteer Award
  • Vera (Tinny) Jones Weintraub ’65, Office of Alumnae Relations Class Volunteer Award


  • Catherine Carr Lincoln ’84, Office of Alumnae Relations Class Volunteer Award
  • Rebecca J. Rundquist ’89, Office of Alumnae Relations Class Volunteer Award


  • Elizabeth Jones Hayes ’53, Alumnae Association of Smith College Class Volunteer Award


  • Suzanne Belcher Bunzel ’47, Alumnae Association of Smith College Class Volunteer Award
  • Suzanne R. Masri ’85, Alumnae Association of Smith College Class Volunteer Award


  • Barbara Dodd Massey ’63, Alumnae Association of Smith College Class Volunteer Award
  • Georgia Hayes Barwick AC ’05, Alumnae Association of Smith College Class Volunteer Award


  • Varney Porter Truscott ’51, Alumnae Association of Smith College Class Volunteer Award
  • Athena Giftos Kimball ’51, Alumnae Association of Smith College Class Volunteer Award
  • Caroline Soleliac Carbaugh ’66, Alumnae Association of Smith College Class Volunteer Award


  • Paula Herold ’77, Alumnae Association of Smith College Class Volunteer Award
  • Carolyn Clayton Belknap ’68, Alumnae Association of Smith College Class Volunteer Award


  • Helen McEldowney Patterson ’41, Alumnae Association of Smith College Class Volunteer Award
  • Linda Smith Charles ’74, Alumnae Association of Smith College Class Volunteer Award


  • Mary Cary Rea ’39, Alumnae Association of Smith College Class Volunteer Award
  • Patricia Barry Keating ’41, Alumnae Association of Smith College Class Volunteer Award


  • Helen Smith Fuller ’39, Alumnae Association of Smith College Class Volunteer Award
  • Ann Ostergaard ’58, Alumnae Association of Smith College Class Volunteer Award



  • Janelle Banks Bradshaw ’00, Central MA Club
  • Allison Ellis ’92 and Holly Nydegger ’94, Seattle Club


  • Katie Naughton ’70, Smith College Club of Hampshire County, MA
  • Vanessa Gates-Elston ’02, Smith College Club of New York City


  • Vivian Forbes ’50, Smith College Club of Los Angeles
  • Debra Chromy ’84, Smith College Club of Cambridge


  • Elizabeth Borland ’97, Smith College Club of Philadelphia
  • Lisa Pannone ’99, Smith College Club of Fairfield County, CT
  • Leah Gross Foster ’07, Smith College Club of Pittsburgh, PA


  • Anya Martin ’85, Smith College Club of Atlanta
  • Monique Chavoya ’02, Association of Latina Alumnae of Smith College (ALAS)
  • Elizabeth Tyminski ’86, Smith College Club of Boston


  • Masami Winden ’94, Smith College Club of Japan
  • Lois Grejbine ’52, Smith Club of France
  • Susan Strom ’04, Smith College Club of East Bay, CA
  • Janice Bacon ’46, Smith College Club of Southwest Florida


  • Kathleen Merrill ’72, Smith College Club of Great Britain
  • Erin Paisan ’87, Smith College Club of Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Anne Hornung-Soukup ’74 , Smith College Club of Geneva/Europe
  • Patricia Thatcher ’70 and Heather McHold ’91, Smith College Club of Darien/New Canaan, CT


  • Smith College Club of San Francisco/Marin
  • Smith College Club of Portland, OR
  • Smith College Club of Minneapolis, MN
  • Smith College Club of Cambridge, MA


  • Smith College Club of San Diego
  • Smith College Club of Chicago
  • Smith College Club of Baltimore
  • Smith College Club of Great Britain


  • Smith College Club of New York City
  • Smith College Club of Phoenix, AZ
  • Smith College Club of Cleveland, OH
  • Betsy Rainbow Morse ’41, Smith College Club of Rochester


  • Smith College Club of Central New York
  • Smith College Club of Tucson, AZ
  • Smith College Club of Washington, D.C.
  • Hampton Roads, VA, Smith College Group

Tenets of a Smith Volunteer

As a volunteer, you are an important ambassador for Smith in the world. You uphold Smith's reputation, rally support for the college and maintain connections across generations. In your role as a volunteer, you will:

  • Commit to a project/role that suits your skills and interests
  • Understand the expectations of your role (scope, time, outcomes)
  • Use the tools and resources necessary to fulfill your role
  • Prioritize inclusion and diversity in all facets of work
  • Make an annual gift to The Smith Fund
  • Identify potential volunteers 
  • Keep up to date on news from and of the college
  • Promote Smith and its priorities to all alumnae
  • Collaborate with staff and peer volunteers
  • Connect Smith alumnae to each other and to the Smith of today
  • Employ creative freedom while meeting role expectations
  • Participate in succession planning for your role

Student Ambassador Program

Participants in the Student Ambassador Program represent Smith at various events and actively promote the college’s dynamic environment both on and off campus. The program instills leadership development through engagement in the Smith community and by fostering campus traditions. Ambassadors help bridge the gap between their peers and alumnae. By their own example, ambassadors strengthen the relationship current students have to Smith.

Ambassadors are an outstanding and diverse group of student leaders, all of whom share several characteristics: an in-depth knowledge of Smith College, an incredible passion to share how their own lives have been enriched by the Smith experience, and a desire to represent themselves as today’s Smithies.

For more information, contact Kyle Byrer, program coordinator.

Student ambassadors serve as representatives of Smith College and the Office of Alumnae Relations, both on and off campus. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Developing a culture of philanthropy among the student body
  • Planning and promoting student and alumnae engagement opportunities
  • Representing Smith’s student population at events on and off campus
  • Representing Smith College positively and accurately at all times
  • Promoting a lifelong involvement with Smith among student and alumnae populations

As a student ambassador, you will:

  • Have the opportunity to learn from and work with college faculty and staff members
  • Develop valuable communication, leadership and other professional skills
  • Make meaningful connections with high-profile alumnae
  • Gain access to exclusive on- and off-campus alumnae events
  • Receive an exclusive student ambassador scarf, an Office of Alumnae Relations name badge, and business cards
  • Attend regional and national conferences
  • Receive training on business etiquette, networking and other professional skills
  • Travel with staff to meet alumnae
  • Submit a request form at minimum 2–4 weeks prior to your event 
  • Provide transportation, meals and lodging, if needed
  • Inform Maddie DelVicario and fellow student ambassadors about the details of the event, including transportation, tasks to complete and additional skills needed, if any
  • Train student ambassadors in any additional skills

Please note: The Student Ambassador Program is an unpaid leadership experience for students. If you require help with basic clerical tasks or other administrative work, please post a spot job here.