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Alumnae at Ivy Day

Reunion is one of the best Smith parties of the year. Join fellow alumnae and friends for a remarkable celebration of everything Smith: the beautiful campus, enduring friendships, time-honored traditions and the power of Smithies in the world. Come back and once again experience the magic of Smith College.

Reunion 2020

Reunion I/Commencement weekend

Thursday, May 14 to Sunday May 17: 1970 (50th Milestone), 1980 (40th), 1990 (30th), 2000 (20th), 2010 (10th)

Reunion II Weekend

Thursday May 21 to Sunday May 24: 1940 (80th), 1945 (75th), 1950 (70th), 1955 (65th), 1960 (60th Milestone), 1965 (55th), 1975 (45th), 1985 (35th Milestone), 1995 (25th Milesonte), 2005 (15th), 2015 (5th), Ada Comstock Scholars

1776ers: Alumnae who are not in one of the official reuning classes (those ending in 0 and 5) but would like to attend either Reunion weekend can do so as a “1776er.”


Registration will open in February 2020.


Registration Fees

Office of Alumnae Relations (OAR) Fee: $30
This mandatory fee helps the college defray costs associated with Reunion. Waived for guests and children.

Class Registration Fee: Varies by class
This mandatory fee, set by your class Reunion committee, helps each class fund the cost of its Reunion program. 

Housing Fee: $150
Learn more about on-campus housing.

Meal Fees: Varies by meal

  • Select meals when you complete your online registration.
  • Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and special dietary needs will be addressed on an individual basis and can be indicated as part of Reunion registration.
  • Meals for children 12 and under are $11 per meal.
  • A late fee of $10 per adult, per meal will apply after the April 24 registration deadline. Meal reservations are accepted after the deadline based on space and meal availabillity. 


Class and college registration fees and meal fees are nonrefundable after the registration deadline (April 24). All refund requests will be reviewed and processed following the completion of Reunion II weekend (May 24). Please allow up to four weeks for receipt of your refund. Requests must be received via email or written and postmarked no later than the registration deadline. Mail requests to Office of Alumnae Relations, Reunion Registration Assistant, 33 Elm Street, Northampton, MA 01063.

Disability Services

Please contact the Office of Alumnae Relations as far in advance as possible of any special needs such as accessible housing, sign language interpreters, transportation or dietary requirements. Events that are open to the public are scheduled in wheelchair accessible locations when possible. The Office of Disability Services does not have wheelchairs available for loan. If you are in need of a wheelchair or other medical equipment, please contact Hometown Medical at 413-320-4665 in advance to ensure availability.

Who’s Coming to Reunion?

The attendee list will be updated as alumnae register for Reunion. Registration will open in February 2020.

Class Year OAR Fee Class Registration Fee Bed & Breakfast Thursday Dinner* Friday Lunch Friday Dinner* Saturday Lunch Saturday Dinner* Sunday Brunch
* Some classes have open bars during social hours, while others have cash bars. Please refer to the full menus for details.
Class Year OAR Fee Class Registration Fee Bed & Breakfast Thursday Dinner* Friday Lunch Friday Dinner* Saturday Lunch Saturday Dinner*
1955 $0 TBD $150 TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD
1960 $30 TBD $150 TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD
1965 $30 TBD $150 TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD
1975 $30 TBD $150 TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD
1985 $30 TBD $150 TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD
1995 $30 TBD $150 TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD
2005 $30 TBD $150 TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD
2015 $30 TBD $150 TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD
* Some classes have open bars during social hours, while others have cash bars. Please refer to the full menus for details.

Smith Traditions

Lanterns lit up on campus during Illumination night

Ivy Day Ceremony and Illumination Night

On the day before Commencement, alumnae lead the senior class in a parade through campus. The seniors then plant ivy to symbolize the connection between the college and its graduates. On Illumination Night, the campus is aglow from the light of colored paper lanterns, creating the perfect atmosphere for reminiscing and reflecting.

Alumnae Parade

Don’t forget your whites! Join this moving, time-honored Reunion tradition that celebrates the enduring connections among generations of alumnae.

First held in 1909, the Alumnae Parade has served as a powerful symbol of the gratitude alumnae have for the college itself, the campus and the education they received here. The parade began as a way for alumnae classes to honor the senior class, one another, the college president and members of the faculty. Although alumnae now dress uniformly in white, earlier classes had varied, colorful—and sometimes quite elaborate—costumes. Colored ribbons now differentiate the classes. The class of 1905 was the first to carry placards, and by 1915 these signs became a regular feature of the parade.


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Reunion Volunteer Roles

Get involved! Volunteers have an opportunity to plan programs, get to know classmates and enjoy being a part of this special annual event. Already a volunteer? Visit Tools for Volunteers for helpful resources in planning your Reunion.


Term: 5 years
Appointments: House Representatives, Program/Activity Chair, Headquarters Chair, Parade Chair
Contact: Assistant Director for Reunions, Classes and Clubs
Other Possible Reunion Committee Chairs: Mini-Reunion Chair

The OAR recommends two Reunion co‐chairs. The Reunion chairs appoint classmates to committees, coordinate the work involved and work closely with the OAR staff. The Reunion Planning Guide includes detailed information about the job responsibilities; it is distributed 18 months prior to Reunion.


  • Identify and recruit classmates for the Reunion committee.
  • Plan Reunion schedule/programming for the class and coordinate the development of a Reunion theme and graphics.
  • Oversee the Reunion budget (in cooperation with the class treasurer).
  • Act as the principal source of Reunion information and submit Reunion updates to class officers for inclusion in class communications.
  • Participate in training offered by the OAR throughout the term and specifically 18 months prior to Reunion.
  • Attend the Reunion of the preceding class as an observer one year before Reunion.
  • Complete a post‐Reunion report to be shared with the current and succeeding Reunion chair(s) and the OAR.
  • Maintain all planning records, including Reunion mailings, newsletters, emails, theme ideas, vendors, lists of committee members, etc., to pass on to succeeding chairs.


The Alumnae Parade Chair provides the wording for the parade signs to the Office of Alumnae Relations, announces parade plans at Friday dinner, reminds classmates to dress in white attire for the parade, assists classmates in parade lineup on Saturday morning, and ensures that class officers are in the proper places.


  • Complete and submit the Parade Signs Form located in your Class Digital Planning Workbook by Feb. 15.
  • Receive indoor and outdoor parade plans, parade route, and marching order, and announce these plans at Friday night class dinner.
  • Remind classmates to dress in white attire (or costumes of the era) on the day of the parade.
  • Assist classmates in parade lineup, ensuring that class officers are in the proper places.


House Reps get in touch with senior housemates through email, phone and mail to build enthusiasm for Reunion.


House Reps Chair

  • Recruit a class member from each house to act as the house chair.
  • Coordinate the efforts of house reps and serve as a single contact to the Office of Alumnae Relations.

House Reps

  • Encourage your housemates to attend Reunion and get involved.
  • Share the benefits and fun of coming back to campus and make plans to connect.
  • Suggest to your housemates that they update their contact information with Smith (the college will provide classmates’ contact information).


Class headquarters serve as a gathering place for hospitality, refreshments, messages and class displays. The Headquarters Chair is responsible for setting up and decorating the headquarters, providing refreshments, and creating a welcoming environment for classmates. It is strongly suggested that the Headquarters Chair be someone within driving distance of Northampton to make planning visits prior to Reunion and transportation of headquarter materials easier.


  • Set up the headquarters on Thursday morning.
  • Staff the headquarters with classmates and student ambassadors throughout the weekend.
  • Dismantle on Sunday.


The Class Program Chair plans programming for the weekend that effectively draws on the Reunion theme, during specific time slots reserved for class programming. Programs may range from an after-dinner discussion, to a panel moderated by classmates, class survey results, or a presentation by a notable classmate.


  • Complete and submit the Class Programming Worksheet located in your Class Digital Planning Workbook by Dec. 15.


Mini-reunions and pre-Reunion parties are a great way for classmates to come together in anticipation of Reunion, visiting with longtime friends and building relationships with new friends. These events help build excitement and enthusiasm for Reunion. The Mini-Reunion Chair coordinates and publicizes gatherings.

Future Reunion Dates

Reunion 2021

Reunion I/Commencement Weekend

Thursday, May 13 to Sunday, May 16: 1971 (50th Milestone), 1981 (40th), 1986 (35th Milestone), 2001 (20th), 2006 (15th)

Reunion II Weekend

Thursday, May 20 to Sunday, May 23: 1941 (80th), 1946 (75th), 1951 (70th), 1956 (65th), 1961 (60th Milestone), 1966 (55th), 1976 (45th), 1991 (30th), 1996 (25th Milestone), 2011 (10th), 2016 (5th)




Office of Alumnae Relations

Registration, Housing & Meals
Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Change of address?
Update your contact information online or or log into the Alumnae Directory.

Phone: 800-526-2023 (option 4) or 413-585-2040
Fax: 413-585-2015