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As a family member of a Smith student, you are a very important part of her career development and planning. For most college students, life has taken on a logical progression of stages in which the next step is known: "After high school, I will go to college," for example. But when a student nears graduating from college, that next step may not be so cut and dry. For many, it is the first time that the life plan doesn't clearly spell out the answer to the "what next?" question. Some graduates begin work, some pursue graduate degrees, other take some time off. Some travel, others volunteer. The possibilities are endless, and often overwhelming. And all the while, all those pesky friends and family keep asking, "So, what will you be doing after graduation?"

That's where we come in.

Our mission is to help students navigate the often confusing terrain of life after college. We do this purposefully throughout the four years students are at Smith, not just in the last year of college. Our services range from helping students think about majors and what one can do with a liberal arts degree, to exploring career fields through site visits with alumnae, to on–campus recruiting, to interview preparation and everything in between. Our goal is to connect students with industry as often as possible.

Smith and the Lazarus Center for Career Development takes its responsibility to prepare young women for the world of work very seriously. Our mission is to arm students with a toolkit filled with knowledge and skills that can be used throughout their professional lives, even as industries, economies and personal circumstances change. We strive to be current and in keeping with what students need and want when planning for the future, and to help make that first step into the unknown just a tiny bit less scary.