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Fellowships Advising

The Smith College Fellowships & Postgraduate Scholarships Program advises Smith students and recent alumnae who wish to apply for competitive national and international fellowships. Our approach—informing, advising, encouraging, and working with candidates and their mentors—adopts the “by design” approach of the Lazarus Center for Career Development. Fellowship applications aren’t developed in isolation. They reflect your best ideas of what you want to do and why. They also reflect who you are and what you’ve achieved. They reflect your values and capture some of your dreams.

Advising Overview

Fellowship advisers seek to enable students and alumnae to imagine and create future pathways that fulfill their passions; fit their educational, career and life goals; and further Smith’s mission of developing engaged global citizens and leaders to address society’s challenges.

Through fellowships advising, advisers help applicants aspire to awards that fit them; plan for graduate and professional school; and pursue once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

The process of applying for a fellowship is collaboration involving lots of conversations across campus with mentors and advisers.

Fellowships exploration starts with an introduction to relevant opportunities through our website and conversation with fellowships advisers and other campus mentors. When a fellowships plan takes shape and is agreed upon by the individuals and their advisers, candidates begin working on drafts of essays in preparation for applying.

When you are certain that you are ready and are an appropriate candidate for one or more fellowships, express your interest and talk with a fellowships adviser about how to start your application. We will touch base with your faculty advisers. Then, we’ll begin the work. 

Making the Most of Fellowships Advising

Understand the Process

Watch this short video prepared by three fellowships advisers to explain the fellowships application process.

Do Your Own Reflection

It’s your future we’re talking about here! Collect your thoughts as you go along.

Talk Over Your Ideas

Conversation with others—peers, mentors, teachers—will help you clarify all dimensions of the application you will submit.

Meet Your Advisers

Andrew Dausch, Ph.D.

Director, Fellowships & Postgraduate Scholarships Program

Andrew Dausch works in partnership with faculty and staff to promote national fellowships and postgraduate scholarship opportunities across Smith College’s diverse student population. He advises students and recent alumnae on a broad portfolio of awards. In particular, he helps students navigate the process of applying for fellowships requiring endorsement and postgraduate awards by helping them develop their scholarly credentials and prepare their application materials.   

Andrew began working at Smith in 2016. He was trained as an intellectual and cultural historian of Europe and Latin America with a specialization in cultural diplomacy, the history of the social sciences, and Franco-Brazilian transnational scholarly exchange. He earned his doctorate in history at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and has taught courses in European, Latin American, and World History.

Jasmine Stork, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, Fellowships & Postgraduate Scholarships Program

Jasmine Stork works with staff and faculty to promote fellowship opportunities for current and recently graduated students. She supports students across all academic years on a broad portfolio of awards, with a focus on early career students (freshmen and sophomores) and early opportunities. Jasmine is especially passionate about helping students think broadly about opportunities that will best enrich their college experience while gaining skills for their future careers. She works with students to select appropriate opportunities and develop their application materials. She uses her own fellowship experiences, including her time as an English Teaching Assistant in Poland, to better support students through an emphasis on holistic and self-reflective advising. 

Jasmine began working at Smith in 2022. She was trained in cultural studies (PhD) with a specialization in digital folklore and online research methodologies, and in public health (MPH) with an emphasis on marginalized and emerging communities. She focused particularly on intersections of digital identities and communities through Fandom Studies, Disability Studies, Fat Studies, and Asexuality Studies. She earned her doctoral and masters degrees from Ohio State University and has taught courses in Science & Technology Studies and Cultural Studies.

Arranging Appointments

Make an appointment with Andrew Dausch or Jasmine Stork using your Handshake account. Log in to Handshake, select "Career Center" and then "Appointments." Choose one of the "Fellowships/Scholarships" appointment types. For your first appointment, choose a 60-minute appointment. For a follow-up appointment, you may choose a 30- or 60-minute appointment.

Your First Meeting

  • When you make your first appointment, there will be a short form where you can share your interests.
  • If you want to explore fellowship options before you decide where you will focus, please share a copy of your resume and your unofficial transcript prior to your meeting.

Subsequent Meetings

  • If it’s been a while since you’ve met with Dr. Dausch or Dr. Stork, please share a copy of your updated resume and unofficial transcript ahead of your meeting.

Review of the Final Draft of Your Fellowship Application

Share your draft at least 24 hours ahead of your scheduled appointment.