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Course Registration

Important Updates

Workday help materials with screen shots and videos can be found on the Workday Help site.

Registration Instructions

Workday help materials with screen shots can be found on the Workday Help site.

1. Choose Courses and Review Policies & Guidelines

Smith College Course Catalog

Academic Policies and Guidelines

Registration Guidelines

2. Create a Saved Schedule (April and November)

You are encouraged to create Saved Schedules before your registration window opens which serves as a “shopping cart” for your preferred and alternate courses, and speeds up registration. See the Build Saved Schedules job aid for step by step instructions.

Your saved schedule is NOT registration. You still must register for classes when your registration window opens.

During registration and add/drop you can register for courses without creating a saved schedule. See the Register for Classes job aid for step by step instructions.

3. Meet with Your Adviser

Schedule an appointment with your adviser to discuss your course selections.

  • You will will have a faculty adviser registration hold until you meet with your adviser. All course registrations require approval of the adviser.
  • If your adviser is on sabbatical, check your Support Network in Workday to see if you have been reassigned to another adviser. If you have difficulty connecting with your adviser, contact your department chair (if you have declared your major) or your class dean (if you have not declared your major) to schedule an advising meeting and to have them lift your hold.

4. Check for Holds

Check Workday for holds on your account by clicking the Academics icon on the homepage. You will not be able to register if you have a hold. Holds must be cleared with the office that originated it.

5. Register

You can register from your saved schedule(s) or register for courses one at a time during the registration period. See the Register for Classes job aid for step by step instructions.

It is your responsibility to verify your registration for the coming semester on Workday.

By using the Workday registration system, you do so with the understanding that you have met and consulted with your adviser(s) about your course selections and have processed any course selections or changes in accordance with the adviser-approved plans for course registration. It is the responsibility of both you and your adviser(s) to plan a schedule that will lead to successful completion of all degree requirements.

After the Add/Drop Period

Course changes made after the first ten days of classes require the approval of the instructor, adviser and class dean/graduate director, and must be submitted on approved add or drop forms.

You are responsible for the accuracy of course registration and for processing changes by the appropriate deadlines. You will not be permitted access to make changes online after the close of the add/drop period.

Late Registration

It is important that all students register and make changes by the appropriate deadlines.

Late Fee

Students who are not registered for any classes by the end of the first ten days of classes will be fined $35. In addition, there is a $35 late fee charged for any approved petition to add or drop a course after the deadlines.

Advising & Registration Schedule

Each class year is assigned a day on which you may begin to access online course registration through Workday. You can access registration on or after the start date for your class year through the listed registration period. If you do not register by the end of the two-week advising and registration period, you must add your courses during the first two weeks of the semester (add/drop). You can build saved schedules in Workday once courses for the coming semester ar published.


Registration for Fall 2023
Registration opens at 7:30 a.m. on each start date

 April 3–14, 2023
  • Class of 2024J
  • Class of 2024
  • Ada Comstock Scholars with 96 or more total credits*
  • All continuing graduate students
April 4–14, 2023
  • Class of 2025J
  • Class of 2025
  • Ada Comstock Scholars with 64-95 total credits*
April 6–14, 2023
  • Class of 2026J
  • Class of 2026
  • Ada Comstock Scholars with 63 or fewer or total credits*

*Total credits are your completed credits plus current semester registered credits