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Community Residents

Fall 2023 - Course auditing is available for members of the local community.

Course auditing is open to members of the local community on a space-available basis with permission of the instructor and the registrar. Auditors may register during the first two weeks of classes only, and attendance must be in person.

Permission to audit authorizes class observation only. Auditors wishing to participate more fully (e.g., class discussions, group activities, etc.) should receive instructor approval prior to registration. Instructors are not required to review or grade any work completed by auditors. Arrangements to take final self-scheduled exams should be made directly with the instructor; the registrar’s office does not prepare final examinations for auditors. The costs of all materials and textbooks are the responsibility of the auditor. No grades or credit will be awarded for audited courses, and official records of audits are not maintained.

Auditors are responsible for knowing and abiding by all policies and procedures outlined in the Smith College Catalog and the Student Handbook. Failure to comply with auditing guidelines and college policies may result in removal from the class at the request of the instructor and/or limit future auditing privileges.

To Register

  1. Search for courses on the course schedule search:
    Please note that Studio Art (ARS) courses may not be audited.
  2. Contact the instructor to see if you may attend the first class meeting. If permitted to join the class, ask the instructor to sign the auditor form. Attendance must be in person.
  3. Return the completed auditor form to the registrar’s office with payment (cash or check payable to Smith College) within the first two weeks of classes. Course audit registrations are not permitted after the second week of classes. (Note: Requests submitted prior to the beginning of the semester will be held until classes begin and seat availability is known.)

Fees: Standard course: $50 per course, per semester
         Beginning languages, performance (i.e. DAN & ESS), computer science: $200 per course, per semester

Auditor Registration Form

Degree Students

A degree student at Smith or at the Five Colleges may audit a course if space is available and with the verbal permission of the instructor. An audit is not recorded on the transcript and does not require registration.