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Academics & Teaching

Andrea Stone teaching in classroom, Smith College

The content, development, delivery and assessment of all academic programs fall under the purview of the faculty, led by the provost and dean of the faculty. The provost works closely with the associate provost, the associate dean of the faculty & dean for academic development, director of graduate programs and the dean of the School for Social Work. Together they integrate the college’s varied academic efforts to ensure excellence in teaching, learning and research and to create a thriving community for students, faculty and staff.

Committee on Academic Priorities

The provost chairs the Committee on Academic Priorities (CAP), an elected committee of faculty, charged with establishing and maintaining the educational and curricular priorities of the undergraduate, certificate and graduate programs of the college.

CAP's mandates include: the review and authorization of new programs, course offerings and changes in requirements; long-range planning of the undergraduate and graduate curriculum; review and authorizations of annual tenure-track requests; and long-range planning of the shape of the faculty (Faculty Code, VI.C.2). Through a well-defined subcommittee structure, CAP also oversees credit-hour compliance, assessment of departmental and institutional student-learning goals, honors and independent studies projects, and the college's writing intensive guidelines.

  • Michael Thurston, Provost and Dean of the Faculty, Chair, non-voting
  • Bill Peterson, Associate Provost, non-voting
  • Hélène Visentin, Associate Dean of the Faculty & Dean for Academic Development, non-voting
  • Baishakhi Taylor, Dean of the College, non-voting
  • Gretchen Herringer, Registrar, non-voting
  • Steve Waksman, Faculty Council Representative, non-voting
  • Ibtissam Bouachrine (2024)
  • Denise McKahn (2024)
  • Daphne Lamothe (2022)
  • Richard Millington (2022)
  • Nancy Whittier (2022)

Course Information

Smith College Course Catalog

Course Numbering Explanation

Latin Honors and Writing Intensive Designations

Writing Enriched Curriculum

Teaching Writing Intensive (WI) Courses

Curricular Approvals and Changes


Friday, November 12, 2021 Proposals for new courses to be offered fall 2022 and Interterm 2023
Friday, March 11, 2022 Proposals for new courses to be offered spring 2023

Consult the Curricular Approval Guidelines and Requirements link below to understand the approvals necessary for curricular additions and changes. Requests for new courses and changes to existing courses are submitted in Workday. 

Curricular Approval Guidelines and Requirements

Approved Curricular Items

New Course Proposal FAQs

Workday Job Aids:

New Course Request

Course Change Request

Chairs: Approve New Course / Course Change Requests

 (for existing courses)

Credit Hours and Academically Engaged Time

Smith College Profcast

In this series of videos, Smith College faculty from a range of academic disciplines discuss timely and thought-provoking topics related to their teaching, research and academic interests. The series showcases a range of ideas and perspectives, the vibrant community of scholars at Smith and the intellectual excitement Smith students experience every day.

Susannah Howe Talks About Smith’s Design Clinic
Suzan Edwards - The Evolution of Star Formation
Ellen Kaplan - Trigger Warnings
Marc Lendler - The Bill Clinton Years
Gary Felder Explains Gravitational Waves
Steve Heydemann on the Conflict in Syria