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Faculty emeriti/ae and retired faculty  are valuable and appreciated members of the College community. They continue to actively contribute to the intellectual and social life of the college through their scholarship and publications, contact with students and alums, and their collegial relations with both current and retired faculty members.

Smith offers a comprehensive package of benefits to emeriti faculty, which are described in detail below. In addition, the interests and needs of retired faculty members are represented by the Emeriti/ae Advisory Committee (EAC), which is chaired by the Associate Dean of the Faculty and meets monthly during the academic year (a list of the current members is also below). Further, all retired faculty and their partners are automatically made members of OBND (“Out but not Down”), which sponsors luncheons during the course of the year that feature speakers from the current faculty and administration. 

Another way in which community is furthered is through the lectures and teas sponsored each semester by the EAC. These generally take place in the comfort of the recently renovated Tilly Lounge. Tilly Hall (on Henshaw Avenue, near the Kahn Institute and accessible with OneCard) also has a small number of shared faculty offices for those with particular needs, and the Hall offers study space and book lockers for the use of all emeriti/ae. In these and many other ways, the lively and supportive community that is Smith College continues into retirement years.

Emeriti Advisory Committee (EAC)

The Emeriti Advisory Committee provides a direct means of communication between emeriti faculty and the administration. The committee meets monthly during the academic year; serves as a forum for emeriti faculty ideas and concerns; makes recommendations about policy changes relevant to emeriti faculty; and provides advice to the president, provost and planning committees about issues relevant to emeriti faculty. In planning for retirement, faculty members often have questions about their opportunities and choices for shaping the next phase of their intellectual careers. The advisory committee can assist with information and guidance.

Committee Members 2023–24

EAC events are hosted in the Emeriti/ae Lounge located on the second floor of Tilly Hall. Emeriti/ae and OBND members will receive announcements, with an invitation to RSVP, by email. (Please note that the second floor of Tilly Hall is only accessible through stairs.) 

Neilson Library Tour and Tea (Neilson Browsing Room)
Friday, February 16, 3-5 p.m.

Thursday Tea in Tilly with a Talk
Thursday, April 18, 3-5 p.m.
"The Art of Exact Ideas," presented by Jim Henle, Myra M. Sampson Professor Emeritus of Mathematics & Statistics

Out But Not Down (OBND)

Throughout the academic year, the Out But Not Down group generally meets monthly and enjoys a series of speakers and lunches. Membership is automatic. A letter is sent to recent retirees and new members are introduced at the group’s October meeting. Members also gather for an end-of-the-year dinner in May. There is no charge for membership or meals, and spouses or partners are welcome to accompany emeriti.


Officers 2023–24

President: Suzan Edwards
Vice-President: Dennis Yasutomo
Secretary: Patricia Sweetser
Treasurer: Charles Johnson

During the 2023—24 academic year, the meetings will be held in person at the Conference Center monthly from 11:45 a.m.–1 p.m. Members of OBND will receive announcements, with an invitation to RSVP, by email.



Tuesday, October 17, 2023

"Generative AI for Fun and Pleasure," presented by Nicholas Howe, Professor of Computer Science, Jordan Crouser, Associate Professor of Computer Science, and Pablo Frank Bolton, Lecturer in Computer Science

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

"Hrothgar and Beowulf: Reflections on Geriatric Decision-Making," presented by Craig Davis, Professor of English Language & Literature

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

“The PLACE Lab: Centering community-building, art and justice in the field of plant physiology,” presented by Jess Gersony, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

"Who Owns the Moon and Other Issues Related to the First Lunar Settlements," presented by Salman Hameed, Charles Taylor Chair and Professor of Integrated Science & Humanities School of Cognitive Science, Hampshire College

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

"Creating a Calling-In Culture at Smith," presented by Loretta Ross, Associate Professor of the Study of Women & Gender

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

End of year evening dinner