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A Culture of Care

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Professional Pathways

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Your path is unique. We are here to help you build it. Pathways are a place to find your people, experiment with possibilities, and connect your passions to your purpose in the world of work. Six Pathways, grouped by industry interest areas, introduce you to a variety of careers and ways to gain experience toward a potential professional future. The paths encourage collaboration. Here you'll create a Life Design Team consisting of peers, faculty, employers, alumnae and staff who care about the same things you do, and serve as sources of guidance and connections.

Begin at the Beginning

Start by accepting where you are. Maybe you have a very clear idea of what you want to do or become after graduation. Or maybe you aren't really sure about the classes you chose for your first semester. Either way, acknowledge your starting point. This means taking time to reflect on what engages you and gives you energy. 

Give It a Try

It’s time to break out of your comfort zone. By trying new things you will begin to better understand what matters to you. You will find your people. And you will learn new things. Are there patterns that are emerging?

Prototype With Intention

By now you have made some informed choices. It’s time to start thinking about testing potential futures. How can you prototype your future life through conversations and experiences? It often takes collaboration and generating many ideas to land on the one that you want to pursue.

Embracing Your Choice

Pursue opportunities that bring you into alignment: who you are, what you do, what you believe, who you’ll serve. Prepare your professional toolkit. Time to network and apply.

Explore Careers

Build Your Network

By some estimates, nearly 80% of opportunities are found through networking. Building a network of professional relationships is best started before you’re seeking an opportunity, even from your first year, and will continue throughout Smith and as an alumna.

While it’s not appropriate to ask a networking contact for a job, internship, or housing, by connecting with people in your field of interest you can:

  • Hear advice on getting started and advancing in a field
  • Learn about career-specific resources and get the names of others to talk to
  • Find out about opportunities before they’re posted

Reach Out

Informational interviews—one-on-one conversations with people whose careers interest you—are a great tool to start building both your career knowledge and your network.

Networking works! You’ll discover most people like talking about themselves and their career paths and offering advice to those starting out.

Accessing the Online Alumnae Community

The Office of Alumnae Relations online community lists alums by career, employer and location. Students may access the directory using their home email address. Includes a worldwide directory of Smith Clubs.

To Create Your Alumnae Community Password

  1. Visit the alumnae website, look for the Online Alumnae Community box in the upper righthand corner, and click on “Forgot Your Password?”
  2. Under the section “I can't remember my username and password,” enter your first name, last name and class year. Choose “Current Student” from the Senior House menu. If you are a current Ada Comstock Scholar, enter “9998” as your class year.
  3. The username that comes up should be your non-Smith email address. Confirm this is correct and click the “Reset Password” button.
  4. You’ll receive an email with a link to create a new password. Your password must be at least 8 characters long. Once created, you will be logged into the community.
  5. To log into the community in the future, visit the alumnae website and click on Log In or Sign Up and enter your username and the password you created.

If the username shown in step 3 refers to an email address that is no longer active, contact the Office of Alumnae Relations at 800-526-2023, option 4,

How to Access the Online Alumnae Community

Use the Alumnae Community’s directory to find alumnae who:

  • Share your major
  • Are in career fields you are exploring
  • Work at organizations or companies of interest
  • Live in specific cities, states, or countries

Using the Alumnae Directory

Use the directory to search for alumnae by name or location, class year, major, senior house, or by employment information, such as career field, job title or employer name. The “ * ” key is a useful wildcard in text searches. For example, search “JP*” if looking for alumnae at JP Morgan Chase, or “art*” if looking for alumnae with job titles that begin with art. Click “Reset” before changing search criteria or entering new search terms.

Workshops & Videos

Lazarus Center Workshops on networking and LinkedIn workshops are offered throughout the semester and interterm.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site. Join the Smith College LinkedIn group and groups for your field of interest. LinkedIn for Students features videos and quick tip sheets to help you create a great profile, find internships and jobs, and build your LinkedIn network.


Alumnae Connections & Informational Interviews

Seven Sisters Alumnae Association—The first and only place for Seven Sisters alumnae and students to connect, network and build a community. Alumnae & Student Directory, Job & Housing Boards, Business Directory, Artists & Creators Directory and more.

Read our guide covering how to prepare for and set up a networking meeting, questions to ask and follow-up actions.

Alumnae Career Paths

A liberal arts degree can take you anywhere—a fact that is borne out in the results of a recent survey that examined how alumnae are using their Smith degrees. In the face of national discussions about the relevance of the liberal arts today, the survey results underscore the real-world value of the academic depth and breadth of a Smith education.