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Records & Reports

Clery Crime & Fire Safety Report

These reports are prepared in accordance with the Jeanne Clery Campus Safety and Security Act. This report is prepared in cooperation with the local law enforcement agencies surrounding our main campus and noncampus property sites, as well as administrative offices on campus.

Check the Department of Education campus safety website to look up and compare crime data from any college or university in the country. If you have any questions about anything contained in this report, please contact the Smith College Department of Campus Safety. For a printed copy, please contact the appropriate office at the phone numbers listed on this website.

Campus Security Authority Reporting

Who Are Campus Security Authorities (CSAs)?

Clery Act regulations define “campus security authorities” as: 

  • An institution’s campus police or security department 
  • Other individuals with security responsibilities, such as those monitoring access to campus property (e.g., parking lots, residence halls, and athletic venues)
  • Individuals or organizations designated in the institution’s security policy as those to whom students and employees should report crimes 
  • Officials with significant responsibility for student and campus activities, such as student housing, student discipline, and campus judicial proceedings

What Are CSAs Required to Do?

A CSA who receives a report of a Clery crime from anyone—with or without a connection to the institution—must report it to the designated official or office, usually the campus security or police department. If the CSA believes the report was made in good faith, they are required to report all available information, such as the date and location of the crime, even if the victim is unknown or does not want to file a criminal charge.

A CSA should report the matter to the designated person or office whether or not they are sure the incident qualifies as a Clery crime. Here, the CSA’s obligation ends. CSAs should not attempt to investigate crimes, determine the truth, or persuade reluctant victims to come forward. Those duties belong to campus or local law enforcement.


Smith College is committed to establishing and supporting an environment where students, faculty, employees, volunteers and guests can take full advantage of the academic and social offerings in a manner that supports the health, safety, and well-being of all individuals. 

If members of our community observe behaviors inconsistent with this goal, it is important to immediately report concerns to the appropriate College department or official for prompt and timely investigation. Members of the Smith College community designated as a Campus Safety Authority, you have two options for officially reporting concerns: 

  • For immediate emergency assistance, including assistance for imminent risk of suicide or harm to others, call 911 or the Department of Campus Safety at 413-585-2490.
  • For non-emergency concerns, a member of the community can report using this form.

Daily Crime & Fire Logs

The department maintains a Clery Crime Log and a Fire Log, updated within two business days of the department receiving a crime report, to keep the college community informed about campus crime. These logs are maintained in compliance with the Clery Act, which mandates that the college publish information about reported crimes within the campus safety department’s patrol jurisdiction and on the college’s properties that are on-campus, noncampus and public, as defined by the act. The fire log also includes fires reported within campus houses.

This online electronic log is maintained for 60 days and may also be inspected in the campus safety office Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4 p.m. To inspect logs older than 60 days, please allow two business days. The college may temporarily withhold information in some cases if there is clear and convincing evidence that the release of information would:

  • jeopardize an ongoing investigation
  • jeopardize the safety of an individual
  • cause a suspect to flee or evade detection
  • result in the destruction of evidence

Information will be disclosed once the adverse effect is no longer likely to occur.

Daily Crime Log

Displaying 1221 - 1230 of 1375

Reported: Thursday, February 28, 2019 - 12:00pm

Case #: 1901-127-OF

Incident Date: February 28, 2019 | 02/27/2019 11:00 - 02/27/2019 17:00

Campus Center
Larceny under $1,200

Case Status: Open

Reported: Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - 4:22pm

Case #: 1901-104-OF

Incident Date: February 20, 2019 at 4:25 pm | 02/06/2019 - 02/16/2019

Park Annex
Larceny under $1200

Case Status: Open

Reported: Sunday, February 10, 2019 - 2:11pm

Case #: 1901-81-OF

Incident Date: February 11, 2019 at 11:05 am | 01/25/2019 16:00 - 02/10/2019 14:00

Parking Garage
Motor Vehicle Breaking & Entering

Case Status: Open

Reported: Friday, February 8, 2019 - 1:09pm

Case #: 1901-74-OF

Incident Date: February 11, 2019 at 11:03 am | 02/07/2019 - 02/08/2019

Chase House
Larceny under $1200

Case Status: Open

Reported: Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 2:08pm

Case #: 1901-68-OF

Incident Date: February 11, 2019 at 10:44 am

Facilities Management Building
Larceny under $1200

Case Status: Open

Reported: Monday, February 4, 2019 - 7:45pm

Case #: 1901-61-OF

Incident Date: February 4, 2019 | 02/04/2019 16:00 - 18:30

Center for Performing Arts
Larceny under $1,200 (or Lost Property)

Case Status: Open

Reported: Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - 1:35pm

Case #: 1901-10-OF

Incident Date: January 8, 2019 | 1/8/19 2:00 PM-1/8/19 3:30 PM

Ainsworth Gym
Larceny Under $1200

Case Status: Open

Reported: Thursday, January 3, 2019 - 8:34am

Case #: 1901-2-OF

Henshaw D
Larceny Under $1200

Case Status: Open

Reported: Friday, December 21, 2018 - 2:06pm

Case #: 1801-1006-OF

Haven House
Credit Card Fraud

Case Status: Open

Reported: Wednesday, December 12, 2018 - 10:50am

Case #: 1801-972-OF

Campus Center
Larceny from Building

Case Status: Open


Daily Fire Log

Displaying 611 - 615 of 1086

Reported: Sunday, October 3, 2021 - 7:00am

Case #:

No Reportable Fire Activity

Reported: Saturday, October 2, 2021 - 7:00am

Case #:

No Reportable Fire Activity

Reported: Friday, October 1, 2021 - 7:00am

Case #:

No Reportable Fire Activity

Reported: Thursday, September 30, 2021 - 7:00am

Case #:

No Reportable Fire Activity

Reported: Wednesday, September 29, 2021 - 7:00am

Case #:

No Reportable Fire Activity