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Parking Spaces

Enforcement of parking rules and regulations is critical to both vehicular and pedestrian safety and to insure that the beauty of the college grounds is preserved. Campus Safety and Facilities Management requests that all members of the community comply with the spirit and the letter of the regulations at all times. All parking is color-coded and applies to vehicles with current Smith College parking decals or passes. White lines apply to faculty and staff vehicles. Green lines apply to student vehicles. Orange lines apply to service vehicles and blue lines for visitors. All vehicles must display appropriate current decals or passes.

Parking Registration

Staff and faculty eligible for a Smith College parking permit decal may register a vehicle and request a decal online. Online orders will be process in a timely manner and will be routed to the requestor's campus office address. Please email the parking office ( if you would like to pick up the decal.

Request a Decal Using an Online Registration Form.


Prohibited Parking

Parking is not permitted on interior campus roads including College Lane and Lower College Lane or in driveways, except as posted. Parking is also prohibited in the Quad from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m.

Campus Speed Limit

All traffic is restricted to 15 mph, with the exception of ambulance, fire and police vehicles.

Violations and Penalties

The college will issue tickets and assess fines for violations of the parking regulations. Vehicles parked in tow-away zones or in unmarked areas that impede access by service vehicles will be towed. Payments for citations may be made online.


Parking appeals must be filed within seven days from the issuance of the ticket. Any appeal received after that date will be denied. Appeal your parking citation online.

If a replacement vehicle is used for a car under repair or other reason, a visitor pass must be obtained at Campus Safety Parking. Should a vehicle with a Smith decal be traded or no longer in service, the old decal should be removed and returned to Campus Safety Parking. The new vehicle will be registered at no charge when the decal is returned.

Opt-Out Parking

Smith’s Opt-Out Program pays eligible employees to travel to and from work without driving a single-occupant vehicle (SOV), an initiative to help ease the parking demand on campus. The Opt-Out Program is a voluntary program to encourage faculty and staff to find alternate ways to commute, such as car-pooling, ridesharing, bicycling, walking and public transit.  As of October 2022, the Opt-out program has been amended; employees that are signed up/approved to work hybrid/remote are not eligible to participate in the Opt-out program.

Terms of the Program

The college offers a two-tiered payment system. Under the terms of the program, employees receive an Opt-Out payment of $150 per year for choosing to leave their car at home and live within a one-mile radius from the center of campus. For those living outside of the one-mile radius, a payment of $400 will be given. Participants will also be provided with free passes that will allow 18 days of campus parking each year for those days when a car is needed.  Please note the stipends, for all participants will be processed after the submission deadlines (Sept 15th and Feb 1st).

How to Participate

Register your vehicle with Campus Safety Parking by emailing or dropping off the form. The parking packet (opt out decal and up to 18 free parking passes) will be sent to your campus address. If you wish to pick up your packet please let us know and we will email you when it's ready for pick up. The decal must be affixed to your car window (driver side passenger window). Use the link below and email the registration form to  

The form must be submitted to the office no later than September 15 (of the calendar fiscal year) to join the program for the full year. There is a second half submission period in case someone misses the full year. The submissions for half a year begins December 15 (of the calendar fiscal year) and must be in no later the February 1 (of the calendar fiscal year). Your package for the 1/2 yr will be the opt out decal and 9 free parking passes.  

More information can be found in our Rules & Regulations.

Submit an Opt-Out Registration Form.