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Through an equitable and inclusive model of service and outreach, the Smith College Campus Safety Department helps ensure that every member of the Smith community can safely learn, live and work on campus in an environment of mutual respect and support. The Campus Safety Department commits to ongoing training and education on a range of topics, such as deescalation, antiracism and community engagement, that are central to building trust and partnership with students, faculty and staff across campus.

Our philosophy is that we strive to make every interaction a positive one.
Mission Statement of the Campus Safety Department

On-Campus Emergencies: From any campus phone, dial 5555. 
Call 413-585-5555 from a cell phone or from off campus.

About Campus Safety

The mission of the department is strongly informed by the voices of the Smith community. Over the course of the spring 2019 semester, a Campus Safety Advisory Group (CSAG) met with more than 425 students, staff and faculty in 14 listening sessions, three open forums and a community playback meeting, which resulted in a set of recommendations. Smith’s independent campus safety department and dispatch is located on West Street, which aligns with feedback that dispatch should be located at Smith and operated by staff deeply familiar with the campus and community.

The CSAG invites any member of the Smith community to provide feedback by emailing

A community focus will be manifest through such practices as additional biking and walking shifts to reduce the presence of police cruisers; programing to build community engagement; and the creation of a community advisory committee with seats for students to work with the department.

Our mission includes the following recommendations:

  • Continue to be unarmed.
  • Continue to be sworn officers, which requires a high standard of ongoing training in areas including deescalation, crisis intervention and mental health response, and reduces the need for local and state law enforcement presence on campus.
  • Reduce vehicle patrols on campus in favor of bicycles and walking.
  • Continue to refuse any voluntary requests to release any information regarding the citizenship or immigration status of any student, staff or faculty member unless legally compelled to do so. Should the college be subpoenaed for such information, Smith will seek legal counsel before taking any steps to comply.

Just as hospitals, colleges and other organizations have accreditation programs, police accreditation assures our communities of our operational readiness based on the highest standards of the field. Accreditation:

  • Assures that the department’s policies and procedures and rules and regulations are in line with modern professional standards.
  • Promotes a strong emphasis on officer safety, training and professional hiring and promotional procedures that assure professional and top-caliber service to our communities.
  • Provides an ongoing, independent evaluation of the department.
  • Improves the quality of individuals who apply for employment with our agency.
  • Provides each member of the department with a sense of pride, knowing that their agency has met the highest professional standards.
  • Every 3 years the department has to go through the process of being reaccredited.

Our Campus Safety Department has been accredited since October 4, 2023.

See the MPAC website Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission for more information on this program.

Smith College

Campus Safety: 413-585-2490
Parking: 413-585-2277

University of Massachusetts

Campus Police: 413-545-2121
UMASS Parking: 413-545-0065

Amherst College

Campus Police: 413-542-2291; emergency 413-542-2111
Parking: 413-542-2291

Hampshire College

Campus Police: 413-559-5424
Parking: 413-559-6151

Mount Holyoke College

Campus Police: 413-538-2304 
Parking: 413-538-2514

Clery Crime & Fire Safety Report

These reports are prepared in accordance with the Jeanne Clery Campus Safety and Security Act. This report is prepared in cooperation with the local law enforcement agencies surrounding our main campus and noncampus property sites, as well as administrative offices on campus.

Check the Department of Education campus safety website to look up and compare crime data from any college or university in the country. If you have any questions about anything contained in this report, please contact the Smith College Department of Campus Safety. For a printed copy, please contact the appropriate office at the phone numbers listed on this website.

Smith College Clery Report (2023)

Contact Campus Safety

Facilities Building
126 West Street
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063

To Contact the Dispatcher 
Dial 2490 from a campus phone 
Dial 413-585-2490 from a cell phone or off campus 
24 hours a day 
Email Dispatch

To Contact the Command Staff 
Dial 2490 from a campus phone 
Dial 413-585-2490 from a cell phone or off campus 
Email the Command Staff

Parking-Related Questions 
Contact the Parking Coordinator at 413-585-2277, Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4 p.m.

To Provide Feedback 
Send us an email