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Direct Deposit

You must have a valid bank account and set up direct deposit in Workday for your paycheck. All students are paid electronically via direct deposit for all employment.

How to Get Paid

Do not work before you've been officially hired online. Your supervisor is responsible for hiring you before scheduling you. Once you've been hired a timesheet will become available to you for that position. If you were hired and see no timesheet  contact the payroll office directly. Students complete a timesheets on a biweekly basis (weekly during the summer). Your supervisor must approve your time sheet for each pay period.

If your supervisor fails to approve your timesheet, notify the payroll office immediately. By law, you must be paid within one month of performing your job, but should be paid regularly every two weeks.

Contact Student Payroll

College Hall 103A

10 Elm Street

Smith College

Northampton, MA 01063

Phone: 413-585-4401 Email:

Schedule a meeting here.