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America Reads/America Counts Tutoring

Smith College participates in the America Reads and America Counts Challenges, which are national tutoring programs designed to employ college students as reading and math tutors for children up to grade six. Smith College is proud to have the largest number of tutors participating in the America Reads/America Counts program of any of the Five Colleges.

Only consider becoming a tutor if you can truly commit yourself. Treat your tutoring duties as seriously as you do your academic work. Not only will you be gaining valuable experience, performing a service to the community and helping a child learn to read, but future employers will also consider the importance of the work you do. This work will be an important part of your résumé even if you do not enter the education field.

Be advised that most schools and agencies participating in the program conduct Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) checks.

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Students with federal work-study are eligible for America Reads/America Counts tutoring positions. Verify applicants' federal work-study award granted. Earnings will be limited to the amount of federal work-study a student is awarded.

Students with institutional work-study are not eligible but may participate on an unpaid, volunteer basis.

Pay Rate

The Massachusetts minimum wage rate rose to $15.00 per hour as of January 1, 2023. Therefore, the base pay rate for students is now $15.00 for on campus jobs and $15.50 for off-campus work study.

Hour Limits

Students may not work more than ten hours per week. Further, these positions must be funded by federal work study and therefore may be limited more based on the award. Questions about your work study amount should be directed to student financial services.

Student employment positions are posted in Workday. Use this job aid to find and apply for positions. 
All students must complete required documents and be hired in Workday before starting work.

Additionally, America Reads/America Counts must complete the following:

You may work from the first day of classes in the fall through the last day of exams in May, although you may continue to work on a volunteer basis. Refer to the college's Academic Calendar for dates in any given year. All tutoring counts as work-study earnings.

Obtaining Additional Hours

If you do not obtain sufficient work-study hours you need by tutoring, you may apply for more hours at another job on campus. 

Tutors are strongly encouraged to attend the Five College training sessions detailed below and will be paid for training time once a tutoring position is secured. Agencies and schools should also train tutors specific to their needs.

Overview Training

Students must attend a one-hour training session at any one of the Five Colleges before tutoring; however, they may start the process of interviewing before attending the training session. Sessions are offered at the beginning of each semester. Students must arrive on time and stay through the entire session to be paid for training. Training time should be added to your payroll time sheet. An America Reads position is required in order to be eligible for training pay.

Extended Training Workshop

Toward the beginning of a student's tutoring career, they must also attend an Extended Training Workshop (ETW). This workshop is intended for new tutors, so taking it at the first semester of tutoring will be most beneficial. Food is provided and students are paid for their time once they've begun working as a tutor.