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A Culture of Care

Read Smith’s UPDATED plans as of November 23, 2020,
for the spring 2021 semester.


Referrals to Off-Campus Providers

If you wish to see an off-campus health care provider, you may request a referral. 

Students with Smith College Health Insurance should note the following stipulations in using their insurance.

College Insurance for Off-Campus Care for Medical Care (Physical)
There is a $10 co-payment for medical office visits. Tests, labs, xrays are subject to the $150 annual deductible fee.

College Insurance for Off-Campus Care for Psychotherapy/Psychiatric Services
The Smith College Health Insurance Plan covers psychotherapeutic and psychiatric services; there is no co-pay for in-network providers. We encourage you to consult with us to help you find the right provider  for your situation, since we are very familiar with the providers in the Northampton area. Referrals are not needed for off-campus mental health care (therapists or psychiatrists).

For students with private insurance: It is your responsibility to determine whether a referral is needed or an off-campus visit will be covered.

Find a Provider

To find a mental health provider online who takes your insurance, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your own health insurance provider’s website and follow the steps there. For Smith College insurance enrollees, visit the Student Health Insurance Plan site and then follow the subsequent steps.
  2. Click on “Find a doctor” or “Find a clinician.”
  3. It will search by location. If you are at Smith, enter “Northampton, MA” or “01060.”
  4. Narrow the search by lowering the searchable radius, as there are many therapists within walking distance of campus.
  5. For specialization, choose “Behavioral Health”; this will include psychotherapists with many different levels of training, all of which are appopriate for therapy. If you are looking for someone to prescribe medication, you must choose a psychiatrist (MD) or a clinical nurse specialist (APRN). 
  6. You may call the provider directly or ask for a recommendation by sending the list in an email to the Counseling Service. If you are studying elsewhere, ask someone you know or call a nearby college counseling service.
  7. When you call the provider you will likely get voicemail. Leave a clear message about how the provider can get back to you to offer the information you need.

During the Academic Year

Call us at 413-585-2840 for help.

During Break

You can call your health insurance provider for help. Call the number on the back of your insurance card or find the number online.