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Common Goods Resource Center

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Looking for a winter jacket, sheets, toiletries or other essentials? Need funds to travel home? Have an unexpected medical cost? At Smith, we strive to provide dignified access to resources for students who find themselves in need. The Common Goods Resource Center offers centralized material and funding resources, and a consolidated list of offices and organizations that students can turn to for support.

Common Goods Store

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About Common Goods

Common Goods provides material resources, both new and gently used through Smithcycle, for students who otherwise may not have access to them. Available resources include winter gear, toiletries, cleaning products, linens, room essentials and a small array of food products.

Visit Common Goods on the lower level of the Campus Center, or use the PantrySoft platform to place an order online.

Stop In or Order Online

After completing your registration on the PantrySoft platform, you can schedule a pick-up at the Common Goods store. Or just stop by to see what’s available.

Common Goods Open Hours

We are closed for the summer and look forward to seeing you in the fall!  If there are questions, please email All end of year donations should be made through Smithcycle.

Academic & Emergency Assistance

The Smith Social Network is your first stop to check for available funds, described in detail when you log in. To apply for funds, there are two applications. The Academic Funding Application lets you apply once for funds from various offices. Funds can be for textbook assistance, graduation clothing, travel, research projects, art supplies and more. The Emergency Funding Application lets you apply once for funds from multiple offices. The offices work together to review applications and meet your needs as quickly as possible. You can also check out the resources mentioned below in “Additional Support Services.”

To apply, log in to the Smith Social Network and click on the “Forms” tab at the top. Your information is confidential.

Primary Points of Contact for Funds

Please remember to first check the Smith Social Network, which offers one place to access the majority of available funds. A few resources not listed on the Smith Social Network can be found on the following two sites:

The Dean of the College

The Dean of the College offers descriptions of all available funds, including ones for Ada Comstock Scholars and specific funds by office that are not included on the two applications on the Smith Social Network. Review the tabs on the Financial Assistance by Office webpage

The Smith Students’ Aid Society

The Smith Students’ Aid Society offers various grants to students in need. Most of these grants can be applied for through the Smith Social Network, but a few funds require a different application: Interterm & Spring Break Opportunities, Summer Study and Beyond Smith.

Where Else to Check When You Need Funds


“We want any student who feels as though they need something from the center to be able to come in and get it, and to know that privacy and confidentiality are important to us. We want the center to be a place where students can feel supported by their peers.”—Carrie Weil ’22


Common Goods Resource Center
Campus Center, Lower Level