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Break Housing & Storage


Break Housing

Smith College has four breaks throughout the year (Thanksgiving, winter, spring and summer) where you must apply to remain on campus. Click here for more information about break housing (and which houses are open during different breaks).

It is important that you know the dates when houses close before breaks and open after breaks. You will not be permitted to stay in a house after the designated closing date and time nor move into a house before the designated date and time.

Forms and applications required for break housing will be made available on your Residence Life Self-Service page. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Residence Life.

International Students

Winter break housing is limited to international students whose permanent address is outside of the United States. International students should contact the associate dean of international students about winter break housing.


Smith College also provides limited storage (i.e., trunk room storage) for you during the summer break. We strongly encourage you to use off-campus storage options due to the limited space available in the trunk rooms. Students who reside on campus during the summer have access to limited temporary storage in the basement of JMG.

Summer Storage

If you are a student living on campus during the summer, you may store no more than 5 items in JMG storage. This is short-term storage, and all items stored must be retrieved by the end of the first week of fall classes. Each item should be visibly and clearly labeled with your full name, class year, date stored and date you are returning to campus. The JMG storage facility is in the basement of JMG. You may check-in at the back steps of JMG during posted times to store your items. Additional hours are posted during the opening of the academic year to facilitate picking up your stored items. These additional hours will be posted on this Web site as they become available. If you have additional questions about JMG storage, you may contact Hannah Durrant at hdurrant@smith.edu for more information.

Please note: Smith College is not liable for missing or damaged items that are stored in trunk rooms. In addition, Smith College is not liable for use of off-campus storage options nor does the college endorse particular vendors.