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Periodically, events occur that may call for a statement from the college as issued by the president or their designee. The following considerations have been developed to guide decision-making about whether and when to issue such statements. Decision-making will be applied consistently, informed by the following principles and considerations. 

In determining whether or not to issue a statement, the college will consider the scope of the event, the extent to which its stakeholders are affected, and whether a statement is the best response to the needs of the community. Statements issued will: 

  • Support our academic mission and our values. 
  • Strengthen our community, with priority given to the needs of the on-campus community, especially to students and their education. 
  • Uphold our commitment to freedom of expression and maintain an environment where diverse perspectives are welcomed, within the context of a safe learning environment.

Statements will not be the default response to a particular situation; rather, the college will seek first to respond as an institution of higher education by making space for education, learning, and exchange. 

Endorsed by Smith’s Board of Trustees, February 24, 2024