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There is currently no major emergency on campus.

If there were a disaster or emergency affecting the Smith community, you would be able to obtain updates and important instructions here. There is currently no emergency on campus.

Circumstances permitting, the college will alert faculty, staff and students of threats or emergencies via email, text and phone messages. Notices will also be posted on the INFO line, 413-585-4636.

For all emergencies, contact the campus safety dispatch center, 413-585-2490.

A major emergency is any significant, unplanned event that has the potential to cause death or significant injury to students, faculty, staff or visitors or that can disrupt college operations, causing physical or environmental damage or threatening the college’s facilities.

Smith is well prepared to respond to any emergency. We have procedures in place in the event of an emergency related to current international events. The college has established an operations center with emergency management teams ready to take appropriate action for the safety of the Smith community.

It is the responsibility of the Crisis Management Committee to determine what actions to take during an emergency. The committee’s priorities address emergency response; they do not cover the business continuation that is planned and activated at the departmental level. Each department with critical business operations will maintain a plan to ensure critical operations continue during an emergency.