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Staff Council Membership

Staff Council represents members of the administrative, administrative support and service staff. It consists of 25 elected members who serve two year terms. Terms are staggered, which means about half the council is up for reelection or replacement each year. The council strives to maintain a representative membership distributed between administration, administrative support, and service staff. In addition to elected members, the president is also invited to appoint two non-voting representatives to act as resources and information liaisons. Presidential appointees serve two year terms, and may not serve more than four consecutive years.

Staff Council Officers

The Staff Council officers consist of the chair, vice-chair and parliamentarian, secretary or co-secretaries, and the treasurer. These officers serve on the steering committee with the committee chairs working to drive the direction of the council for the year.

Dawn Hines, Chair

Asst Director/Milestone Reunions, Development
Alumnae House | 413-585-2028

Ashavan Doyon, Vice Chair

Communications & Accessibility Specialist, College Relations
30 Belmont | 413-585-2183

Beverly Lipsey, Secretary

Assistant Director of Admission, Office of Admission
Ford Hall | 413-585-4577

Christine Speek, Treasurer

Senior Budget Manager, Finance
College Hall | 413-585-2259

Caroline Bertrand

Administrative Assistant

Laura Campuzano

Admission Counselor
Office of Admission

Kai Devlin

CRM Administrator & Marketing Lead
Information Technology Services

Lorelei Erisis

Assistant Director of Graduate Enrollment
School for Social Work
Lilly Hall | 413-585-7967

Andrea Fernandes

Director of Events Management
Facilities Management
51 College Lane | 413-585-2630

Laura Gomez

Administrative Coordinator
Lewis Global Studies Center
Wright Hall | 413-585-2697

Anna Goudreau

Administrative Assistant
Department of Music
Sage Hall | 413-585-3152

Rachael Hagerstrom

Social Media Manager
College Relations
30 Belmont | 413-585-7612

Cathy Kearney

Assistant Director, Milestone Reunions
Alumnae Relations & Development
33 Elm Street | 413-585-2033

Jennifer Kennedy

Administrative Assistant
Jill Ker Conway Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center
Neilson Library | 413-585-3653

Andrew Maurer

Interactive Media Coordinator
Hillyer 316 | 413-585-3116

Ann Mayo

Security Manager
Museum of Art
Tryon Hall | 413-585-2774

Steaphan Mish

Staff Sergeant
Campus Safety
126 West Street | 413-585-2490

Abril Navarro

Instructional Technologist
Information Technology Services
Neilson Library | 413-585-2979

Davis Rivera

Journeyman Electrician
126 West Street | 413-585-2400

Ash Sabripour

Assistant Director, Admission and Outreach
School for Social Work

Chris Shea

Events & Scheduling Systems Administrator
Events Management Office
51 College Lane | 413-585-2179

Jasmine Stork

Assistant Director of Fellowships and Postgraduate Scholarships
Career Development

Valerie Thompson

Dawes Cook's Assistant
Dining Services

Patricia Woods

Assistant Director
Career Development
Drew Hall | 413-585-2582

Staff Council Spotlight

“As a founding member of Staff Council, I am thrilled that Staff Council has not only persisted but has also provided Smith staff with a legitimacy that was only dreamed of in its infancy.”
Chrissie Bell, founding member of Staff Council

“Staff Council has developed as an effective means of promoting issues of personnel policy, diversity, and staff training. The highlights have been the morale-building activities that bring staff out of their offices to socialize with their peers.”
Kathy Yarnell, Staff Council, 1992

“It was a privilege to be chosen to represent staff. Creating the charter enabled the staff to have a voice—to show upper administration that staff was a valuable resource even without a Ph.D.”
James (Jay) Lucey, Facilities