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Studio & Hours

Students learning how to use the sewing machine
A student learning how to use the lab space
A group of students working on various projects
A group of students at a bag making workshop
Various hand tools hanging on the wall

The Prototyping Studio is where your ideas come to life! Our studio is open to anyone on campus- students, faculty, and staff. We invite you to explore making and make projects of any kind. If you have an idea, come on in and we can help you get started by teaching you a machine or assisting with problem solving. In the studio, we have laser cutters, a vinyl cutter, sewing machines, and 3d printers. We also collect a whole variety of scrap foam, plastic, cardboard, and many more random knick knacks that encourage sustainable and reuse friendly making.

Open Hours

Our Open Hours shown in the live calendar below, are when Studio Design Partners (SDP), our student staff, are here to help you with your project – whether it is learning a tool, getting a tour of our space, or helping you with your design decisions. During Open Hours the prototyping studios are open to anyone, regardless if you have completed safety training. Outside of Open Hours, you will not have guaranteed staff support to answer questions.

The prototyping studio is open during our posted Open Hours and during 9am to 5pm on weekdays. Outside those times you will need to earn key card access, which can be gained after completing safety training. Head over to our safety training page to learn more!

Studio Design Partners


Our Prototyping Studio is lead by Studio Design Partners (SDPs), who are Smithies that embody all things making! They lead design projects, plan creative workshops for the campus, help to maintain a safe and creative making environment and enable student access to the Prototyping Studio through their Open Hours. Come on in and say hello to the SDPs!

Left to right:
Back row: Emily, Nermine, Emily, Annie, Millie, Kathy
Middle row: Bailey, Ariel, Juli, Erica
Front row: Margaret, Emma, Yuhan
Not pictured: Sydney, Katie

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The Design Thinking Initiative hosts a wide range of workshops, including student staff led workshops, guest designer workshops, club workshops or bonding activities, and House tea events.

Do you have an idea for a workshop?

Please fill out this form to book a workshop either using DTI supplies or hosted at DTI. If you are still vague on details of the workshop, we suggest you come to Design Thinking during the hours and day of week that you are planning to host the workshop so that you can greet the Studio Design Partners that are working at that time. If you still have questions, schedule an appointment with us. We will reply to your response with either a confirmation or suggestions if we cannot accommodate your idea.

Workshops you can request for your house include:

  • Jewelry Making
  • Notebook Making
  • Painting
  • Collaging
  • Hand Sewing

Did you host a workshop with DTI?

Please fill out this post-workshop survey so we can continue to best support student-led workshops in the future.

Safety Training

To gain OneCard access to our downstairs prototyping space, you must complete our safety training.


Meet With Us

Sign up for a time to meet with our staff for project consultation, technical help, or anything else! We can talk about how to advance your making project with materials you might find around the house, or about how the studio could help you fabricate your project. You can also sign up software support and remote making access.


Tool Checkout

Check out books and specific tools for a project, or curricular activity.


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