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Safety Training

Members of the Smith Community are invited to Capen Annex where they can collaboratively work on generating ideas and creating physical objects.

Safety at Capen Annex

Your wellbeing is extremely important to us at the Design Thinking Initiative. Please review these safety guidelines if you have questions about safety at Capen Annex. Contact Laura at with questions about safety. Safety concerns can be directed to our institutional safety officer, Margaret Rakas. If a serious accident occurs at Capen Annex, please fill out this accident report form.

Level 1 Safety Training

Please fill out the safety survey below after receiving a tour of the design studio safety features. Completing Level 1 safety training allows you to use the vinyl cutter, Glowforge, 3D printer, sewing machine and hand tools on the first floor of Capen Annex.


Level 2 Safety Training

Level 2 safety training will give you 24-hour access to the prototyping studio. To receive Level 2 certification, you will need to learn to use the lasercutter. Please sign up for training through calendly.