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To commemorate the opening of the Poetry Center room in Wright Hall, we initiated a series of fine letterpress broadsides. Barry Moser, distinguished artist and printer to the college, donates his time to this project, designing and creating original engravings. Initial sales (at a discounted price on the date of unveiling) cover the cost of production; subsequent sales support our programming. These are limited edition broadsides, signed by both the author and the artist.

Framed broadsides are available for viewing in The Poetry Center in Wright Hall, open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Ordering Broadsides

Each broadside below is available for purchase, and quality reproductions of select prints are also available. As of Fall 2020, a number of broadsides can be purchased by credit card through the SCMA shop. If you’re interested in ordering a broadside not currently listed in stock at SCMA, please contact Jennifer Blackburn.

Click photos below to enlarge for a detailed view and pricing information.

Image of framed poetry broadsides

Broadsides Gallery

Tracy K Smith's "An Old Story" $200. Measures 16"x20".
Terrance Hayes's "American Sonnet for My Past and Future Assassin" $200. Measures 17" x 11".
Jenny George broadside thumbnail, "Notes on Pigs"
Ada Limon broadside thumbnail, "The Year of the Goldfinches"
Sylvia Plath broadside, "Poppies in October"
Robert Pinsky broadside, "Machines"
Ross Gay broadside, "A Small Needful Fact"
Ellen Bass broadside, "For My Daughter on Her Twenty-First Birthday"
Juan Felipe Herrer broadside, "El Árbol"
Mary Ruefle broadside, "From Here to Eternity"
Dean Young broadside, "Changing Genres"
WS Merwin broadside, "Noah's Raven"
Ellen Bryant Voigt broadside, "Practice"
Ellen Doré Watson broadside, "Women for the World"
Annie Boutelle broadside, "Basket of Fruit"
John Ashbery broadside, "Crazy Weather"
Maxine Kumin broadside, "Grace"
Tracy K Smith broadside, "Diego"
Nikky Finney broadside, "Maven"
Mary Oliver broadside, "Violets"
Paul Muldoon broadside, "Wayside Shrines"
Sharon Olds broadside, "April, New Hampshire"
Robert Hass broadside, "The Problem of Describing Trees"
Naomi Shihab Nye broadside, "Cross that Line"
Charles Simic broadside, "Leaves at Night"
Adrienne Rich broadside, "Fox"
Gary Snyder broadside, "Song of the Taste"
Seamus Heaney, "Höfn"
Louise Glück broadside, "First Memory"
Sylvia Plath on Meeting WH Auden


A small selection of our prints (Hayes, Gay, and Merwin) can be purchased online through the SCMA shop. We hope to add more in the future.