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Money Smarts

The Conway Center’s dynamic financial education program offers opportunities for you to not only delve into the personal aspects of money management but also explore the broader influences and challenges affecting financial decisions. We offer classes and other activities through which you will gain an understanding of finance worldwide and discover the social, environmental, and governmental impact that values-based investment decision-making can have.

Ways to Learn

Our aim is to support you in learning how to make your money work for you by offering finance-focused mentoring, workshops, and for-credit classes. You can now examine the political and cultural factors at play in global markets and gain an understanding of how personal investment portfolios can have significant environmental, social and governmental impacts.

GFX 100 Introduction to Global Financial Institutions

Smith faculty, alumnae industry professionals and scholars in the field provide an overview of the financial system and the role of financial institutions in the global economy; domestic and international regulation; domestic and international banking. 1 credit; S/U only.

This course serves as the gateway for the Global Finance Concentration and meets for eight weeks during the first-half of the Fall semester.

ACC 223 Financial Accounting

The course, while using traditional accounting techniques and methodology, focuses on the needs of external users of financial information. The emphasis is on learning how to read, interpret and analyze financial information as a tool to guide investment decisions. Concepts rather than procedures are stressed and class time will be largely devoted to problem solutions and case discussions. A basic knowledge of arithmetic and a familiarity with a spreadsheet program is suggested. 4 credits; not more than four credits in accounting may be counted toward the degree.

Other Courses

  • ECO 230: Urban Economics
  • ECO 238: Inequality and Economic Growth
  • ECO 265: Corporate Finance 
  • ECO 338: Household Finance and Inequality 
  • GOV 232: Comparative Political Economy

Demystifying Money: The Basics

Let’s face it: most people don’t learn or talk about money. The Conway Center aims to change that. Addressing a crucial gap in our education, this workshop series isn’t just about learning to build a secure financial future; it’s about making money conversations comfortable and safe for everyone. We will help you gain practical insights into managing your finances, explore how your money mindset shapes your financial choices, and master the art of making thoughtful money decisions.

Demystifying Money: Investing

As you set your sights on life goals, each with its own financial implications, consider this: investments can be a powerful tool to turn those aspirations into reality. This workshop series will become your compass, guiding you through crucial topics such as distinguishing between investment and speculation, managing costs and risks, and strategically planning for retirement. Acquire the knowledge essential to shaping a secure and prosperous financial that aligns your financial choices with your values and purpose.

Financing Life

In this course, the Conway Center presents an accessible and informative set of topics, videos, and activities to help you improve your financial literacy. The course is taught by Smith College Economics professor emeritus Randall Bartlett. With his eloquent storytelling prowess, Bartlett demystifies financial topics ranging from the time value of money to taxable income, and helps you gain a firm conceptual understanding of personal finance. A strong foundation in financial literacy will empower you to ask the right questions when managing your own financial affairs throughout your life.

Financing life course

Bloomberg Terminal Certifications

As a student entering a rapidly changing economy and geo-political climate, you need every edge you can get. Knowledge of and experience using the Bloomberg Terminal is that edge.

Bloomberg is a terminal-bound financial services platform that provides analysis and quotes for equities (stocks) and indices, global company and economic data, real-time and historical industry and market news, and advanced analytical and data functions. It is the standard in the financial services industry.

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC), also known as Bloomberg Certification, is a self-paced e-learning course that provides a visual introduction to financial markets and the core functionality of the Bloomberg terminal. It takes approximately eight  hours to complete.

The Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Certificate offers insights for weaving ESG considerations into business and investment strategies. Delve into the foundational elements of ESG, understand the influence of shareholder activism on corporate practices, navigate ESG management across various corporate life stages, and master the essentials of ESG reporting for companies committed to these fundamental values. It takes approximately 12 hours to complete.

Reserve the Terminal
Peer Mentoring Appointment

Important Note: Since there is only one Bloomberg Terminal, we ask that students use it only during your scheduled time.

Money Mentors

If you have questions about budgeting, building credit, setting financial goals or more, you can make an appointment to speak to one of our Money Mentors.

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Global Finance Concentration

The Conway Center is the institutional home for the Global Finance Concentration, which exposes students to the workings of global financial markets, their key institutional features, and the theoretical underpinnings of their design.

Learn More About the Global Finance Concentration