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Tutoring is a great opportunity for you to deepen your understanding of subject content and strengthen your interpersonal and professional skills, it looks great on your resume, and instructors highly value the tutor support of their students. Tutors are assigned to support certain courses, departments or programs.

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Job Description

Tutors primarily hold drop-in hours to support a specific section, course, or department. Tutors might also hold one-on-one sessions or small group sessions. QM Tutors may support both mathematics and general quantitative material (for example, when an economics student needs help to find the intersection of two lines), depending on schedules. The position includes training and meetings with Spinelli Center staff, meetings with course instructors, and administrative tasks. Tutors submit a tutor log after every tutoring session, meeting, or training. The assignments are determined by your interest and availability, Spinelli Center screening, instructor recommendations and departmental feedback.

Full year tutors are preferred, but tutors may be hired for just the fall or just the spring semester in some instances. The assignments can be work-study positions, although you do not need to be on work-study to become a tutor. We generally hire in April for the entire following academic year, but we occasionally hire midyear. On April 1 we will start the process of hiring. If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please send an email to let us know of your interest!

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We will require one reference instructor of the course or department, and one reference person from outside the division for which you want to tutor (such as other employers or supervisors or faculty from outside your division). You will not need a letter from your reference(s), but they should be willing to answer two questions from us. We do not have a GPA requirement, but mastery of the course content, empathy, patience, good communication and excellent interpersonal skills are required.

Resources for Tutors

Contact Spinelli Center for Quantitative Learning

Seelye Hall 207
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063

Phone: 413-585-3091 Email:

Director: Catherine McCune, Ph.D.

Note: Please include the course and section, the instructor’s name, and the topic with which you’d like help in your email.