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Governance & Committees

Smith College professor stands with students in Smith College Library

The provost and dean of the faculty partners closely with faculty leaders in keeping with Smith’s long and vibrant history of faculty governance. Elected and appointed committees work with the provost, associate provost and the associate dean of the faculty to foster excellence in teaching, learning and scholarship.

Code of Faculty Governance

The governance of Smith College is an enterprise shared among the Board of Trustees, the faculty, the administration, the students and the staff of the college. As an integral part of that shared governance, the rights and responsibilities of the faculty as granted by the Board of Trustees are described in this Code of Faculty Governance, in the Policy of Appointment, Reappointment Promotion and Tenure, and in the Rules of the Faculty. Moreover, the Board recognizes that the right of academic freedom, as it is set out in the Statement of Academic Freedom and Freedom of Expression, is critical to the educational mission of the college.

Faculty Meetings

The faculty meets monthly during the academic year to conduct legislative, informational and consultative work consistent with its duties as specified in the Faculty Code and trustee by-laws. Faculty meetings sustain a culture of collegial self-governance, conducted according to Robert's Rules. Faculty Council, the principal committee of the faculty, holds regular open meetings for more informal conversation about current issues.

NOTE: Spring 2022 locations are based on availability as we return to on-campus operations; locations may change with operations changes
Date Time Location
September 22, 2021 4:10–5:40 p.m Zoom
October 27, 2021 4:10–5:40 p.m Sage Hall, Sweeney Concert Hall
November 17, 2021 4:10–5:40 p.m Sage Hall, Sweeney Concert Hall
December 15, 2021 4:10–5:40 p.m Sage Hall, Sweeney Concert Hall

December 15, 2021

End of Semester Cocktail Party

5:40-7:30 p.m

Conference Center

January 19, 2022 10:00 a.m – 12:00 p.m Zoom
February 2, 2022 4:10–5:40 p.m Zoom
March 9, 2022 4:10–5:40 p.m Sage Hall, Sweeney Concert Hall
April 13, 2022 4:10–5:40 p.m Sage Hall, Sweeney Concert Hall
May 12, 2022 10:00 a.m – 2:00 p.m TBD

When the last Faculty Meeting of the year is held in person, it is traditionally preceded by continental breakfast 9:30 and followed by the annual celebration for retiring Faculty.

Faculty Meeting Materials

Faculty meeting materials are password-protected. For more information or to gain access, please contact Kayla Cheneba.

      video of the reading for Marylin Martin Rhie may also be viewed HERE

Elected Committees 2021-22

  • Shannon Audley (2023)
  • Martine Gantrel (2022)
  • Nicholas Howe (2024)
  • Michael Thurston, Provost and Dean of the Faculty, Chair, non-voting
  • Bill Peterson, Associate Provost, non-voting
  • Hélène Visentin, Associate Dean of the Faculty & Dean for Academic Development, non-voting
  • Baishakhi Taylor, Dean of the College, non-voting
  • Gretchen Herringer, Registrar, non-voting
  • Steve Waksman, Faculty Council Representative, non-voting
  • Ibtissam Bouachrine (2024)
  • Denise McKahn (2024)
  • Daphne Lamothe (2022)
  • Richard Millington (2022)
  • Nancy Whittier (2022)
  • Samantha Earp, Vice President for Information Technology, Co-Chair
  • Bill Peterson, Associate Provost and Dean for Academic Development, Co-Chair
  • TBD, Associate Director of Educational Technology
  • Tony Caldanaro, Program Director of the Center for Science and Engineering Computing
  • Angie Hauser, Faculty Council Representative
  • Jordan Crouser (2023)
  • Barbara Kellum (2022)
  • Jennifer Malkowski (2023)
  • Bill E. Peterson, Associate Provost and Dean for Academic Development, Chair, non-voting
  • Rick Fantasia, Faculty Council Representative, non-voting
  • Marnie Anderson (2022)
  • Susan Sayre (2022)
  • Deborah Haas-Wilson (2022)
  • Ileana Streinu (2022)
  • Rick Fantasia (2023)
  • Bosiljka Glumac, Chair (2022)
  • Angie Hauser (2022)
  • Steve Waksman (2024)
  • Tina Wildhagen (2024)
  • Patricia DiBartolo (2024)
  • David Gorin (2023)
  • Ambreen Hai (2023)
  • Virginia Hayssen (2023)
  • Jack Loveless (2023)
  • Alternates for 2021-22:  Lauren Duncan, John Moore, Christen Mucher
  • Jennifer DeClue (2023)
  • Nathanael Fortune (2023)
  • Marguerite Harrison (2024)
  • Laura Katz (2023)
  • Student Events Committee Representative (tbd)
  • Vis Taraz (2023)
  • Brent Durbin (2022)
  • Craig Davis (2023)
  • Sarah Moore (2023)
  • Jessica Moyer (2024)
  • Rebecca Worsham (2022)


  • Student representatives (tbd)
  • Susan Fliss, Dean of Libraries
  • Michael Thurston, Provost and Dean of the Faculty
  • Kathleen McCartney, President, Chair
  • Michael Thurston, Provost and Dean of the Faculty, Vice Chair
  • David DeSwert, Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Deanna Dixon, Dean of Admission
  • Laurie Fenlason, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives 
  • Bosiljka Glumac, Faculty Council Representative
  • Leslie King, Sociology, Faculty representative, Division II 
  • Susan Levin, Philosophy, Faculty representative, Division I
  • Abbey O'Meara, Student Government Assocation representative
  • Bill Peterson, Associate Provost
  • Beth Raffeld, Vice President for Development (non-voting)
  • Cate Rowen, Associate Vice President for Analytics and Institutional Research
  • Vanessa Nicole Silva-Burgos, Student Government Association representative
  • Fraser Stables, Associate Dean for Integrative Learning
  • Baishakhi Taylor, Dean of the College and Vice President for Campus Life
  • Hélène Visentin, Associate Dean of the Faculty and Dean of Faculty Development
  • Susan Voss, Engineering, Faculty representative, Division III
  • Dano Weisbord, Executive Director, Sustainability and Campus Planning, Staff representative
  • Tina Wildhagen, Faculty Council Representative
  • Kathleen McCartney, President, Chair
  • Michael Thurston, Provost and Dean of the Faculty
  • Carrie Baker (2024)
  • Nalini Bhushan (2024)
  • Drew Guswa (2022)
  • Alexandra Keller (2023)
  • James Lowenthal (2023)

Appointed Committees

  • Sam Haj ’22, Chair
  • Emma Geissinger Cutchins ’24, Secretary
  • Vibha Gogu ’23, Vice Secretary
  • Grace Mosley ’22, Senior Class Representative
  • Katelyn Diaz ’23, Junior Class Representative
  • Marta Almazovaite ’24, Sophomore Class Representative
  • Vera Shevzov (Division I) 
  • Maren Buck (Division II) 
  • Dennis Yasutomo (Division III) 
  • Adela Penagos, Associate Dean of the College
  • Baishakhi Taylor, Dean of the College, ex-officio
  • Baishakhi Taylor, Dean of the College and VP for Campus Life (Chair)
  • Adela Penagos, Dean of the Senior Class and Associate Dean of the College
  • Andrea Rossi-Reder, Dean of the Junior Class and Ada Comstock Scholars
  • Susannah Howe, Dean of the Junior Class
  • Jane Stangl, Dean of the First-Year Class
  • Gretchen Herringer, Registrar
  • Richard Lim (Div. I) (2022)
  • Velma Garcia (Div. II) (2022)
  • Jourdan Crouser (Div. III) (2022)
  • Kathleen McCartney, President (co-chair)
  • David DeSwert, Associate Vice President for Financial Planning (co-chair)
  • Michael Thurston, Provost & Dean of the Faculty
  • Bill Peterson, Associate Provost
  • Baishakhi Taylor, Vice President for Campus Life and Dean of the College
  • Kate Gola, Director of Budgets & Financial Planning 
  • Joanna May, Vice President for Enrollment
  • John Singler, AVP for Enterprise Application & Data Services (2022)
  • Jim Gray, AVP for Facilities & Operations (2024)
  • TBA, Staff Council
  • Madelyn Neely, Administrative Coordinator, School for Social Work (2023)
  • Bosiljka Glumac, Chair of Faculty Council
  • Rick Fantasia, Faculty Council
  • Steve Waksman, Faculty Council
  • Tina Wildhagen, Faculty Council
  • Angie Hauser, Faculty Council
  • Emma Tierney, President of the Student Government Association (2022)
  • Joanna May, Vice President for Enrollment, Chair
  • Deanna Dixon, Dean of Admission
  • Jane Stangl, Dean of the First-Year Class
  • Ambreen Hai, English Language and Literature, (Div. I) (2022)
  • Timothy Recuber, Sociology, (Div. II) (2020)
  • Andrew Berke, Chemistry, (Div. III) (2022)
  • Cheyenne Mason, Student Representative (2022)
  • David DeSwert, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Chair
  • Kathleen McCartney, President
  • Chris Aiken, Assistant Professor of Dance
  • Susan Etheredge, Vice President for Campus Life and Dean of the College
  • Tim Johnson, Director, Botanic Garden
  • Ann Leone, Professor, French Studies
  • Jack Loveless, Assistant Professor, Geosciences
  • Bill Peterson, Associate Provost
  • Laura Rauscher, Director, Disability Services
  • Susan Sayre, Assistant Professor, Economics
  • Kathy San Antonio, Event and Scheduling Systems Administrator
  • Dano Weisbord, Director of Campus Sustainability and Space Planning
  • Steve Moga, Assistant Professor, Landscape Studies
  • Maren Buck, Chair and Faculty Representative
  • Chris Aiken, Faculty Representative
  • Idtissam Bouachrine, Faculty Representative
  • Will Williams, Faculty Representative
  • Kristin Hughes, Director of Athletics, ex officio
  • Bonnie May, Associate Athletic Director, ex officio
  • Lynn Hersey, Head Coach Representative
  • Barbara Brehm-Curtis, Chair, Exercise and Sports Studies, non-voting
  • Kristina Mereigh, Associate Director of Wellness Education, ex officio
  • Rebecca Shaw, Associate Dean of Students/Director of Residential Lide, non-voting
  • Fernando Armstrong-Fumero, Anthropology (2023)
  • Mlada Bukovansky, Government (2024)
  • Rob Dorit, Biology (2022)
  • Eglal Doss-Quinby, French Studies (on leave fall, 2021 but returning until 2023)
  • Kimberly Kono, East Asian Languages & Literature (2022)
  • Ibtissam Bouachrine, CAP Representative (2022)
  • Rebecca Hovey, Dean for International Studies (Chair), ex-officio
  • Lisa Johnson, Assistant Dean of International Studies, non-voting, ex-officio
  • Bill Peterson, Associate Provost (Chair), non-voting, ex-officio
  • Christine Speek, Sr. Manager for Co-Curricular Budgets and Financial Planning, non-voting, ex-officio
  • Mark Aldrich, Professor Emeritus, Economics
  • John Connolly, Sophia Smith Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
  • Joseph O'Rourke, Spencer T. and Ann W. Olin Professor of Computer Science
  • Marjorie Senechal, Louise Wolff Kahn Professor Emerita in Mathematics and History of Science & Technology
  • Janie Vanpée, Professor of French Studies
  • Hélène Visentin, Chair, Associate Dean of the Faculty/Dean for Academic Development
  • Jeffry Ramsey, Philosophy, Chair
  • Michael Barresi, Scientist
  • Suzanne Gottschang, Non-Scientist
  • Misty Williams-Fritze, DVM, IACUC Attending Veterinarian
  • Rochelle Pleet, Non-Affiliated Community Member
  • Elizabeth Jamieson, Chemistry, Head Marshal
  • Nicholas Howe, Computer Science
  • Susannah Howe, Engineering
  • Brent Durbin, Government
  • Jack Loveless, Geosciences
  • Giovanna Bellessia, Italian Studies
  • Laura Katz, Biological Sciences
  • Martine Gantrel, French Studies
  • Patricia Cahn, Mathematics & Statistics
  • William Williams, Physics