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Chairs & Directors

Resources for Chairs

The Smith faculty is committed to a strongly democratic system of governance at the department and program levels. In that spirit, department and program chairs, in consultation with department and program faculty, are responsible for long- and short-term program vision and curricular planning.

Department/Program Name
African Studies Jeffrey Ahlman
Africana Studies Aaron Kamugisha
American Studies Steve Waksman
Ancient Studies Barbara Kellum
Anthropology Liz Klarich
Archaeology Liz Klarich
Archives Concentration Kelly Anderson
Art Frazer Ward
Art (Associate Chair) Lindsey Clark-Ryan
Arts & Technology Barbara Kellum
Astronomy James Lowenthal
Biochemistry Nathan Derr
Biological Sciences L. David Smith
Book Studies Concentration Lily Gurton-Wachter
Buddhist Studies

Jay Garfield1

Andy Rotman2

Chemistry Kevin Shea
Classical Languages & Literatures

Thalia Pandiri1

Nancy Shumate2

Collaborative Innovation Concentration Borjana Mikic & Megan Lyster
Community Engagement & Social Change Concentration Marsha Pruett & Denys Candy
Computer Science Jordan Crouser
Dance Chris Aiken
East Asian Languages & Cultures Marnie Anderson
Economics Mahnaz Mahdavi
Education & Child Study Shannon Audley
Engineering Andrew Guswa
English Language & Literature Ambreen Hai
Environmental Concentration Andrew Berke & Joanne Benkley
Environmental Science & Policy Greg White
Exercise & Sport Studies Sarah Witkowski
Film & Media Studies Jennifer Malkowski
First-Year Seminars MJ Wraga
French Studies Jonathan Gosnell
Geosciences Jack Loveless
German/Italian Studies Joel Westerdale
Global Financial Institutions Concentration Mahnaz Mahdavi
Global South Development Studies Greg White
Government Mlada Bukovansky
History Sergey Glebov
History of Science & Technology Jeffry Ramsey
Jewish Studies Ernest Benz
Journalism Concentration Naila Moreira
Landscape Studies Steve Moga
Latin American & Latino/a Studies Javier Puente
Linguistics Shannon Audley
Marine Science & Policy Paulette Peckol
Mathematics & Statistics Luca Capogna
Medieval Studies Ibtissam Bouachrine
Middle East Studies Steven Heydemann
Museums Concentration Jessica Nicoll
Music Margaret Sarkissian
Neuroscience Mary Harrington
Philosophy Susan Levin
Physics Gary Felder
Poetry Concentration Matt Donovan
Psychology Nnamdi Pole
Public Policy Brent Durbin

Joel Kaminsky1

Andy Rotman2

Russian, Eastern European and Eurasian Studies Vera Shevzov
Sociology Tina Wildhagen
South Asian Studies Ambreen Hai
Spanish & Portuguese Malcolm McNee
Statistical and Data Sciences Randi Garcia
Study of Women & Gender Carrie Baker
Theatre Daniel Kramer
Translation Studies Concentration Reyes Lázaro
World Literatures Craig Davis

1Fall , 2Spring

Department/Program Name Extension
African Studies David Osepowicz 3572
Africana Studies David Osepowicz 3572
American Studies Jeanette Wintjen 3503
Ancient Studies Lyndsay Lettre 3679
Anthropology Jeanette Wintjen 3503
Archaeology Rebecca Davis 3102
Archives Concentration Veeka Trofimova 3352
Art Eva Weber 3103
Art Rebecca Davis 3102
Astronomy Erin Mahar 3806
Biochemistry Sarah Lanzoni 3804
Biological Sciences Elizabeth Iola Sylvan 6598
Book Studies Concentration Veeka Trofimova 3352
Buddhist Studies Phoebe McKinnell 3662
Chemistry Amy Avard 3806
Classical Languages & Literatures Jennifer Roberts 3302
World Literature Jennifer Roberts 3302
Community Engagement & Social Change Concentration Veeka Trofimova 3352
Computer Science Sarah Lanzoni 3804
Dance Martha Potyrola 3232
East Asian Languages & Cultures Kathleen Gauger 3591
Economics Kelley Dunphy 3520
Education & Child Study Marjorie Postal 3250
Engineering Kristin Morse 7000
English Language & Literature Jennifer Roberts 3302
Environmental Concentration Veeka Trofimova 3352
Environmental Science & Policy Deirdre Quirk 3352
Exercise & Sport Studies Justin Allard 3970
Film and Media Studies Eva Weber 3103
French Studies Cora Lee Drew 3056
First-Year Seminars Cora Lee Drew 3056
Geosciences Erin Mahar 3806
German Studies Kathleen Gauger 3591
Global Financial Institutions Concentration Veeka Trofimova 3352
Global South Development Studies David Osepowicz 3414
Government Lisa DeCarolis-Osepowicz 3510
History Lyndsay Lettre 3679
History of Science & Technology Laura Fountain-Cincotta 3349
Italian Studies Kathleen Gauger 3591
Jewish Studies Lorraine Hedger 3390
Landscape Studies David Osepowicz 3414
Latin American & Latino/a Studies Lyndsay Lettre 3679
Marine Sciences Five College Program
Mathematics & Statistics Amy Donahue 4324
Medieval Studies Lyndsay Lettre 3679
Middle East Studies Lisa DeCarolis-Osepowicz 3510
Music Anna Goudreau 3152
Music Jaz Tupelo Dand 3150
Neuroscience Sarah Lanzoni 3804
Philosophy Phoebe McKinnell 3662
Physics Erin Mahar 3806
Poetry Concentration Veeka Trofimova 3352
Psychology Laura Fountain-Cincotta 3349
Public Policy Lisa DeCarolis-Osepowicz 3702
Religion Phoebe McKinnell 3662
Russian, Eastern European and Eurasian Studies Phoebe McKinnell 3662
Sociology Jeanette Wintjen 3503
South Asia Studies Phoebe McKinnell 3662
Spanish & Portuguese Lorraine Hedger 3390
Statistical and Data Sciences Kelley Dunphy 3520
Study of Women & Gender Lorraine Hedger 3390
Theatre Alicia Guidotti 3204
Theatre Lisa Rizzo 3202
Translations Studies Concentration Veeka Trofimova 3352
Urban Studies David Osepowicz 3414
Kahn Institute Christine Reynolds 3721

Monthly Meetings With Deans

Chairs have regular meetings with the deans. Unless otherwise noted, meetings take place on Mondays from 12:15 - 1:30 p.m. Tote lunches are provided during meetings. Chairs Notebook


Date Time & Location
August 28, 9:00 -12:00  Chairs Retreat & Orientation
Ford Hall 240
August 29, 9:00 - 2:00 Mount Holyoke Campus
September 18 Campus Center, Carroll Room
October 23 Campus Center, Carroll Room
November 27 Campus Center, Carroll Room
February 5 Alumnae House, Conference Room 
March 4 Alumnae House, Conference Room
April 8 Alumnae House, Conference Room
May 6 Alumnae House, Conference Room