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Provost/Dean of the Faculty

College Hall
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01363

Phone: 413-585-3000


Katherine Rowe

Provost and Dean of the Faculty
Katherine Rowe ensures excellence and prosperity in teaching, learning and research at Smith, now and for the future. Rowe creates and leads collaborative processes with all academic heads to advance a shared academic vision. She comes to Smith from 16 years on the English faculty at Bryn Mawr College, where she helped lead curricular innovation and directed the Katharine Houghton Hepburn Center for leadership and public engagement. A scholar of literature and media history, Rowe is co-founder of Luminary Digital Media, a social reading platform that is bringing literary works to mobile devices, including iPad apps of the Folger Library Shakespeare editions.

Bill E. Peterson

Associate Provost
Bill Peterson ensures thriving academic programs at Smith, aligning resources with the curricular and co-curricular missions of the college in a sustainable and equitable way. Peterson manages the academic budget of the college overseen by the provost. He chairs the Committee on Faculty Compensation and Development and the Committee on Study Abroad. He has responsibility for faculty development, support in research and teaching, and serves as the director of sponsored research. Among his responsibilities are the Botanic Garden, the Clark Science Center, the Campus School, and non-tenure track faculty recruitment and hiring. Peterson was hired as a faculty member in the Department of Psychology in 1998. He is a personality psychologist with broad interests in adult development, narrative, and political psychology. Particular interests revolve around the constructs of authoritarianism and psychosocial generativity.

Patricia DiBartolo

Associate Dean of the Faculty/Dean for Academic Development
Patricia DiBartolo leads curricular planning, oversees curricular operations and strategic initiatives, and coordinates diverse faculty professional development programs at Smith. Together with colleagues in our office, the associate dean of the faculty cultivates effective, collegial partnerships with faculty and staff leaders around the college and with members of the president’s cabinet. Programs reporting to the associate dean of the faculty and governance committees on which he or she serves are those that directly impact faculty careers throughout their life cycle, and those that guide curricular operations, including the graduate programs in arts and sciences. A member of the Smith faculty since 1995, DiBartolo is the Caroline L. Wall '27 Professor of Psychology. Her longstanding research interests include investigating the phenomenology of perfectionism and its clinical correlates, especially anxiety, in both adult and youth samples. More recently, those interests have expanded to include teaching and learning about the scientific method.

Jayne Mercier

Academic Operations Manager, Executive Assistant to the Provost and Dean of the Faculty
Jayne Mercier promotes and strengthens Smith's academic programs by facilitating relationships between the provost and internal/external constituencies, and by coordinating the deans, faculty and other college offices in major academic initiatives. Jayne is the primary point of contact for Katherine Rowe. Contact Jayne for CAP policies and procedures; catalog policies and procedures; online catalog concerns; and decennial, midterm and NEASC review preparations.

Sandra Blaney

Faculty Recruitment and Appointment Specialist
Sandra Blaney promotes a fair and inclusive faculty culture at Smith by ensuring consistent application of faculty search, recruitment and hiring policies. Sandra is the primary calendar contact for Bill Peterson. Contact Sandra for tenure-track and non-tenure track searches; research associate appointments; onboarding of new faculty members and instructors; and information regarding visiting scholars.

Dana Filibert

Curricular Catalog Specialist
Dana Filbert provides Smith students and faculty with the curricular information they need to plan successful courses of study, overseeing the integrity of the course catalog. Contact Dana for curricular approval guidelines, new course proposals and modifications to the major or minor and print or online catalog preparation.

Saari Greylock

Budget Manager
Saari Greylock develops sustainable academic budget models that advance Smith's educational mission, overseeing academic financial resources in close collaboration with the associate provost and the budget office. Contact Saari for departmental and program budget queries, inquiries regarding internal grants including CFCD and starters, and financial modeling for new initiatives.

Ruth Morgan

Program Coordinator for Graduate and Special Programs
Ruth Morgan promotes successful graduate study experiences at Smith by ensuring consistency in policies and completion of requirements. Contact Ruth for graduate application questions, registration assistance, inquires regarding curriculum requirements and requests for extensions.

Emily Robinson

Sponsored Research Office Administrator
Emily Robinson promotes a thriving research culture at Smith by shepherding the review and approval process of external grant proposals and aligning internal and external partners. Contact Emily for external grant deadlines, preparation, and submission; external grant budgets or expenditures administered by the provost and hiring UMass graduate student RAs.

Hayley Spizz

Faculty Policies Specialist
Hayley Spizz promotes fairness and equity through ensuring consistent application of Smith faculty policies by faculty, staff and administration. Contact Hayley for reappointment, tenure, and promotion procedures and questions; sabbaticals and leaves; and faculty record sheets.

Patty Tran

Schedule Coordinator
Patty Tran promotes a productive work environment by managing the deans' schedules and daily office operations. Patty is the primary calendar contact for Patricia DiBartolo. Contact Patty for academic calendar queries. (Patty may also contact you regarding scheduling matters.)