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Thesis Project Funding

Nancy Kershaw Tomlinson Memorial Fund

A memorial fund in honor of Nancy Kershaw Tomlinson was established to help student thesis writers pay for some of the expenses incurred in honors projects.

Tomlinson grants in any one year are limited and may not cover all of your expenses. Money is awarded as a reimbursement either to you or to your department here at Smith, so you will need to keep your original receipts. Awards are not always approved.


To receive funding you must include:

  • A full explanation of how you will use the funds
  • An itemized budget for the honors project on either or both of the following forms:
  • The signature of the honors thesis adviser and the director of honors supporting your request certifying that departmental or grant funds and supplies have been used to the fullest extent possible in meeting the needs of the honors project.

The Subcommittee on Honors and Independent Programs (SHIP) will not consider late applications. Requests for funding must be made at the time students are applying for honors.

Tomlinson money cannot be supplemented with extra funding from the dean of the college.

Rules for Reimbursement

The Tomlinson Memorial Fund does not give cash advances; it only reimburses expenses, either to you or your department.  

  • You must document all your expenses with original receipts and a completed reimbursement form.
  • If you are purchasing supplies through your department, you must speak to the administrative assistant in your program about reimbursement to the department.
  • Reimbursement is made in one of two ways:  through direct deposit into the student’s personal bank account OR through direct transfer to the departmental account of the student’s major department. In either case, original receipts are required for reimbursement as noted above.
  • If you are paying cash to participants who are in a study/survey you are conducting (only with permission from the Institutional Review Board first) the college requirement limits each participant to $25 or less and a receipt needs to be obtained for reimbursement purposes. Email the honors assistant for a receipt template if needed at
  • The Tomlinson Fund cannot cover laptops or other computer equipment.
  • The Tomlinson Fund cannot cover tuition or room and board for summer school.
  • Anything you buy with Tomlinson money (equipment, books, DVDs or CDs or other unused supplies) becomes the property of Smith and should be turned in to the senior class dean no later than April 15.
  • You can only use Tomlinson money to help with honors theses projects.