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No college or university has more motivated and talented students ready to tackle today’s most pressing issues. We need their vision and leadership more than ever to build on the successes that generations of Smithies have already achieved—from shattering glass ceilings to making scientific breakthroughs to leading movements. The Smith Fund is the central force that sustains Smith, ensuring that exceptional students can turn their disruptive ideas into meaningful action, embrace change and transform our world. Your gift drives Smith—and Smithies—forward. When you power The Smith Fund, Smithies power the world. Give today.

Making Your Gift

To make a credit card gift or to make a pledge, please use our online giving form or call 800-241-2056, option #1 during business hours, Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

To make a gift of securities, please use our Stock Transfer Form or call 800-526-2023, option #2, or 413-585-2036 during business hours, Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

To make a gift by check, please send to:
The Smith Fund
Smith College Gift Accounting
33 Elm Street
Northampton,  MA 01063
Smith College Tax ID: 04-1843040

Your Donation, Your Choice: Smith Fund Designations

Align your passion with your pocketbook. Choose how you’d like to designate your gift to The Smith Fund. If you decide not to designate your donation, we’ll use the funds where we need them most.

The Smith Fund is the driving force that sustains all that makes Smith exceptional and equips Smithies to follow their passions and change the world for the better. When you make a general donation to The Smith Fund, you help us meet our most urgent needs and allow us to direct the funds to where they’ll be most impactful.

The Parents Fund helps to ensure that each student benefits from all that Smith has to offer. The Parents Fund exists to enhance and protect the college’s commitment to prepare promising students to think critically and creatively, to engage in active citizenship and to pursue meaningful work.

Throughout her life, Ada Louise Comstock 1897 demonstrated her commitment to the education of women. Donations to the Ada Comstock Scholarship Aid Fund support the financial aid of a diverse group of students who faced the interruption of their education and have come to Smith to complete their experience. With your support, these remarkable students, ranging in age from their 20s to their 60s, can fulfill their potential as part of the Smith community.

The Ada Comstock Scholars Program enables students of nontraditional college age to complete a bachelor of arts degree either part time or full time. Your gift supports the program itself, helping to fund academic advising, career counseling and housing for Ada Comstock Scholars.

Smith’s ambitious students deserve exceptional career preparation. Donating to the Career Services Fund supports all aspects of the Lazarus Center, including career advising, internship and fellowship placement, workshops and events.

Smith is renowned for training artists who create thought-provoking works of art that shape the way people see and interpret the world. Your gift directly supports this endeavor—and extends the benefits of an arts education to all Smith students—by funding the operations of Smith’s art, dance, film and media studies, music and theatre departments, as well as co-curricular programming.

Smith’s liberal arts curriculum is dynamic, and faculty members are encouraged to innovate—continually developing new courses and modifying existing courses to reflect the changing times. Your gift supports academic programs and provides resources for faculty members to introduce new assignments and projects, incorporate guest lectures and lead field trips and hands-on experiences.

Smith’s community flourishes when it is as rich and diverse as the world itself. When you give to the EI Fund, you support initiatives that engage, connect and embrace underrepresented students. More importantly, you help create the shared sense of belonging that makes Smith—and Smithies—strong.

The Facilities Fund supports the upkeep and maintenance of Smith’s iconic campus. Giving to this fund helps to repair and restore Smith’s beloved historic residential, academic and administrative buildings while paving the way for new, cutting-edge buildings needed for today’s learning environment.

Gifts to the Faculty Support Fund allow Smith to provide highly competitive compensation packages, which means that students are learning from some of the best academics in their fields. Your gift will help Smith attract thought leaders, artists, writers, researchers and scientists who will inspire both our students and the global community.

Your gift to this fund helps the two-thirds of Smithies who rely on financial aid to attend Smith. General Financial Aid supports the education of all students, including domestic, international, traditional-aged and Ada Comstock Scholars.

Smithies impact the world at home and abroad every single day. By funding the International Programs Fund, you facilitate the unique learning opportunities and internationally focused programming that prepare Smithies to affect change wherever life takes them.

Students attend Smith from all over the world. We currently have attendees from more than 65 countries! Donations to International Scholarships specifically fund financial aid packages for our international student population.

Smith’s tight-knit community makes the Smith experience all the more meaningful, allowing students to form bonds that last a lifetime by participating in activities together. Your gift funds the numerous co-curricular options available on campus, from clubs to athletics to student government.

Each year, many students enrich their college experience by studying away from campus—whether in the U.S. or abroad. Your gift supports students as they step beyond the Grécourt Gates to explore new locations, discover passions and broaden their knowledge.

Passionate about the future of our planet? Gifts directed to the Sustainability Fund support our efforts to maintain and innovate green practices throughout campus so that our footprint remains small as our legacy grows even stronger.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got answers to your questions.

What is The Smith Fund?
The Smith Fund is the way that most alums, parents and friends support the college. It is an annual fund, which means we ask for donations every year. In fiscal year 2022–23, The Smith Fund raised $11.3 million from more than more than 8,500 donors.

Does this money go to Smith’s endowment?
Smith Fund donations never go to the endowment—the funds are spent in the year in which they are received. This means these funds are immediately put to use to support students today. What’s more, you can choose where to direct your gift: financial aid, diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and more.

Does my gift really matter?
Donations from alums impact our participation rate, a measurement that affects important outcomes such as college rankings, so your annual gift is vital to the success of the college. And every gift—large or small—truly makes a difference. Each year, the college raises nearly $500,000 from gifts of $100 or less. Your donation helps to educate the changemakers of tomorrow.


Smith Stars

“Being recognized as a Smith Star is awesome. It’s one of those things that can have a domino effect—by wearing my star at Reunions and being a proud role model, others who are on the fence about donating will hopefully become motivated to donate as well.”
A member of the class of 2009

Smith Stars are donors who have exhibited steadfast loyalty and support of Smith by contributing to the college for five or more consecutive years. The loyalty and generosity of the Smith Constellation is exceptionally meaningful to the continued success of Smith’s mission: to educate women of promise for lives of distinction and purpose.

Senior Appreciation Program

Calling all seniors! Are you ready to take part in a giving tradition that’s been happening for decades? Every year, Smith seniors raise money toward a class gift that is presented to the college on Ivy Day. Make your first official gift to the college, even if it’s just $5. If every senior makes a donation of $5, the class will raise over $3,000 for students this year. You can even choose what your gift will support: financial aid, study abroad, sustainability and more.

Match Your Gift

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, please enter your employer's name below or check with your human resources department. Some large employers provide very generous matches.


If your company matches, you may be able to access the forms directly through the search. Follow the procedure described below; if needed, our staff will be happy to assist. The impact of your gift may be doubled or possibly tripled! Some companies match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.


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Contact The Smith Fund

33 Elm Street

Smith College

Northampton, MA 01063


Smith Fund business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Summer hours (beginning in late May) are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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