Smith College Grécourt Gate
Smith College Grécourt Gate

The Enchantment of Imagining: A Conversation with Smith's Andrea Hairston

In the latest Insight, Smith professor Andrea Hairston ’74, explores the power of storytelling and imagination—the ability, as she puts it, to use the “what if?” to envision and create our futures. Hairston is Smith’s Louise Wolff Kahn 1931 Professor of Theatre.

New Book by Smith Professor Offers Poetry 'That Speaks to the Courage to Teach'

In his new book, Teaching With Heart, Sam Intrator, professor and head of the Campus School, captures the essence of classroom teaching through poetry. Intrator and co-author Megan Scribner solicited hundreds of essays from teachers—including Smith graduates—about poems that have made a difference in their work.

Smith Fulbright Fellows Praise College's Rigorous Support Program

Applicants for the prestigious Fulbright Fellowship describe an arduous process, but find that the hard work pays off, making Smith’s success rate the highest in the nation. Of this year's 27 Fulbright finalists, 15 Smith students have been named Fulbright Fellows.

Items from Smith's Virginia Woolf Collections on Display in London

Letters, photographs, handmade books and other items from Smith's Virginia Woolf collections were recently packed into a specially made crate and flown off to be displayed at the National Portrait Gallery in London. The gallery's "Virginia Woolf Art, Life and Vision" exhibition runs through October.

SSW Dean and Alumni Panel Celebrate School's Anti-Racism Mission

The new dean of Smith's School for Social Work joined a panel of graduates in a July 14 presentation celebrating the school's 20-year commitment to fighting racism and exploring the work that Smith-trained social workers are doing to promote social justice through service to clients.

Smith Students Connect People and Art to the Landscape

Visiting lecturer Caroline Aragon and students in her Art and Ecology class collaborated with an after-school group of sixth- to eighth-graders from the William R. Peck School in Holyoke. Their goal was to create art and inspire the public to visit the New England National Scenic Trail and local parks.

First–Year Students to Share Summer Reading: A Book About Stereotypes

This summer, first–year students will read Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do by social psychologist Claude Steele, as part of the college’s 15-year-old summer reading program. Steele will visit campus on August 30 to deliver a lecture at 7 p.m. in John M. Greene Hall.