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COVID-19 Information


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Smith community members have adhered to safety and prevention strategies to protect all those on campus. To build on this success, campus COVID protocols will continue to evolve as necessary. Together, with clear communication and responsible actions, we can maintain a safe and caring learning environment for all.


Read about our Fall 2022 COVID-19 Plans

Details of our Fall 2022 COVID-19 plans were described in this August 1, 2022 letter to the community. The COVID-19 website has been updated to reflect the new information.

What You Need to Know

Indoor Masking

  • Masks are required during classes in classrooms and other instructional spaces; presenters and lecturers are exempt from this requirement.
  • Masks are required in gatherings of 30 or more.
  • Masks are still required in the Schacht Center for Health and Wellness and the COVID-19 Testing Center.
  • When masking, please wear well-fitting masks. Both KN-95 and surgical masks are available at the Testing Center.
  • Masking is optional and welcomed in all other settings. Please be supportive of those who choose to wear a mask.


  • Optional once-per-week asymptomatic testing will be available for students and employees at the Campus Center. Mandatory asymptomatic testing has been discontinued.
  • Students, staff and faculty who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should take a rapid test and a PCR at the self-service testing kiosk at the Schacht Center for Health and Wellness.

Monday, August 29–Friday, September 2: The testing center1 is open from 9 a.m–3 p.m.
Saturday, September 3: The testing center and self-collection kiosk2 are closed.
Sunday, September 4: The testing center is open from 10 a.m.–2 p.m.
Monday, September 5: The Self-collection kiosk is open from 7 a.m.–2 p.m.
Tuesday, September 6–Friday, September 9: The testing center is open from 9 a.m–3 p.m.

1 The testing center is located in the Campus Center, First Floor, room CC103/104.

2 The self-collection kiosk is located outdoors at the back entrance of the Schacht Center, adjacent to the parking lot.

When: Monday–Thursday: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Where: Campus Center, First Floor, room CC103/104

Who: Current students, staff and faculty on campus during the day.


When: Monday–Thursday: 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Where: Self-collection kiosk at the Schacht Center, back entrance adjacent to the parking lot.

Who: Current students, staff and faculty exhibiting any symptoms related to COVID-19.

How: All symptomatic tests will be self-administered. Symptomatic individuals should submit a PCR test using the self-collection test kits available in a box next to the kiosk. Symptomatic individuals will also take a rapid antigen test. Instructions on use and reporting will be at the kiosk.

Policies and Guidelines


Updated January 12, 2022

Smith College requires all students to be fully vaccinated, including Five College students and high school students who take courses on Smith’s campus, and dependents and partners of students who live on campus.

Smith College requires all employees to be fully vaccinated, including off campus investment office employees, casual employees, and Five College faculty and staff who teach or work on Smith’s campus. The college requires some third-party visitors and vendors (contractors) to be vaccinated, depending on the nature of their work on campus. Guidelines for demonstration of vaccination status are below. Ultimate determinations will be made by the cabinet member with oversight of the student, vendor, volunteer, project or employee. For those working abroad, staff should consult with their supervisors and faculty should consult with the provost to clarify any additional requirements and alternative arrangements that might apply.

“Fully vaccinated” means two weeks have passed since your final dose of a U.S. Federal Drug Administration or World Health Organization listed COVID-19 vaccine, and, effective January 21, 2022, receipt of a first booster shot.


This guidance explains how the Smith College vaccination mandate applies to all members of the community as well as third-party visitors to campus, including:

  • Members of the public
  • Volunteers
  • Vendors
  • Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Emeriti/ae faculty
  • Temporary employees hired through agencies
  • Community course auditors from the local community and alumnae
  • High school students taking courses
  • Dependents of students who live on campus

This guidance will remain in effect during the COVID-19 pandemic and until altered or rescinded.

General Guidance

Campus spaces are open to the public. All visitors to campus must follow Smith College’s COVID-related health and safety policiesVisitors are asked not to come to campus if they are sick or show symptoms.


The college’s vaccination policy applies to many of the third-party visitors to campus. Below, these are broken down by type. Note that pursuant to the public accommodations law, the college is required to accommodate legally recognized exemptions to a vaccine requirement (e.g. religious or medical) for third parties availing themselves of our services, such as high school students and auditors attending courses. By contrast, we are not required to accommodate exemptions for vendors and volunteers.

No vaccination required: Short-term, low-frequency, or low-contact visitors and vendors. All must follow campus COVID-19 health and safety requirements.

This category includes:

  • Deliveries
  • Casual visitors to campus, museum or botanic garden or visitors who stay for less than one day
  • Contractors and vendors who stay for less than one day
  • Contractors who work in a discrete and separate site, e.g., fenced construction site
  • Athletic recruits

Vaccination required for: visitors that are on campus for more than one day or with higher contact. Visitors in this category must be fully vaccinated and follow campus COVID-19 health and safety requirements. The person or entity hosting or sponsoring the guest is responsible to confirm their guest’s vaccination status. This can be accomplished by receiving verbal confirmation of vaccination status or asking guests to check a box on a form affirming that they are vaccinated. Important: The college does not allow the collection of vaccination records in hard-copy or digital for such purposes. Do not ask for digital copies of vaccination records by email, registration form, or any other means of digital collection. If you are sent an electronic copy of someone’s medical records, please delete immediately and let the sender know you did so.

This category includes:

  • High School students enrolled in Smith courses (high school guidance counselors will be responsible for communicating to their high school students that they must be vaccinated to attend Smith)
  • Volunteers including members of the board of trustees and other external advisory groups
  • Contractors who work for long duration on campus in an office or other un-separated work setting (note, however, that temp agency workers must provide proof as described in the category below)
  • Contractors of short duration who work in close proximity to members of the college community, e.g. musical accompanists, bus drivers etc.
  • Community course auditors
  • Emeriti/ae faculty and staff
  • Five College faculty who teach at Smith
  • Visiting scholars or researchers
  • Northampton High School students enrolled in Smith courses
  • Eligible dependents and partners of students who live on campus
  • Visitors to student residences
  • Visitors attending an indoor event


Vaccination required by provision of vaccination card, or exemption granted for medical and religious reasons: Employees, students, agency temporary workers.

People in this category must be fully vaccinated and upload proof of vaccination (or exemption) in Workday before they can come to campus.

This category includes:

  • Students
  • Staff and faculty (Employees: Please upload this required documentation to WorkDay. Instructions can be found on the Workday Help site.)
  • Agency temporary and other long-term contractors who work amid Smith College employees
  • Casual employees

Tested positive for COVID-19 or have symptoms? Here’s what to do.

STOP: If you have tested positive for COVID-19, either through a rapid or PCR test administered somewhere other than the Smith College testing program, contact immediately.

Note: The below instructions only apply to fully vaccinated individuals. Those who have received approved exemptions from vaccinations or who are eligible for but have not yet received a booster should follow the instructions provided by the testing and tracing team.

  1. A contact tracer will notify you of your test result and perform a state-required interview.
  2. Isolate for 7 days.
    • Contact tracers will work with individuals living on campus to identify an appropriate isolation space and place the student on a short term medical absence if needed.
    • Individuals living on campus who test positive and can get home via a personal vehicle may work with Health Services to determine whether they can complete their isolation at their off-campus home. Please speak with a Schacht Center for Health and Wellness staff member before leaving campus.
    • Employees and individuals living off campus should isolate at home and notify their supervisor that they will be home for at least 7 days.
  3. On your seventh day of isolation, if your symptoms are improving and you have been fever-free for 24 hours without the aid of medication,
    • Students may exit isolation and must continue to mask and use only grab-and-go dining for an additional three days. 
    • Employees may return to their regular work schedule and must continue to mask for an additional three days.
  4. Following isolation, do not participate in the Smith College PCR testing program for 90 days.


This guidance only applies to fully vaccinated individuals. Those who have received approved exemptions from vaccinations or who are eligible for but have not yet received a booster must quarantine at home.

  1. Students should continue attending class and employees should continue working, but must wear a mask around others for 10 full days and monitor themselves for any COVID-related symptoms. Employees are encouraged to discuss the option for remote work with their supervisors during this period.
  2. If asymptomatic, complete a required PCR test on day 5 following exposure. A contact tracer will provide close contacts with the exact date to be tested.
  3. If COVID-like symptoms develop, contact the Schacht Center immediately at 413.585.2250 to schedule a symptomatic test.
  1. Do not test at the Campus Center test site if you have symptoms associated with COVID.
  2. Students and employees who develop symptoms should submit a PCR test to the self-collection kiosk (see details in the “Self-Collection Kiosk (Symptomatic)” section above. They may also access an antigen test at the kiosk to administer at home. Employees or students who develop symptoms Friday - Sunday and do not have access to a home antigen test should email who can assist them in acquiring a test on campus. 
  3. Anyone who tests positive using an antigen test should email as soon as possible, and follow the instructions under the “I have tested positive for COVID-19” section.
  4. Do not attend class or work until your symptoms have improved and you have received a negative rapid antigen or PCR test result. Wear a mask at all times.

If you believe you have been exposed outside of your presence on campus and are asymptomatic, wear a mask around others for 10 full days and monitor yourself for any COVID-related symptoms. Complete a PCR test on day 5 following exposure.

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