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Alumnae at Ivy Day

Reunion is a remarkable celebration of everything Smith: enduring friendships, time-honored traditions and the power of Smithies in the world. The annual tradition brings together alums, faculty, staff and students for one of the most exciting events of the year.

Reunion 2022 and Class of 2020 Celebration Highlights

Reunion 2022 & Class of 2020 Celebration
Saturday, May 21, 2022


Registration is now closed. Be sure to check out the schedules, FAQs and more on this page.

Make sure we have your most up-to-date information so you can receive up-to-date news about Reunion 2022. Update your contact information via our online form or use the Smith Alum Directory.

Class Information

Reconnect with classmates you haven’t seen in 5, 10, 20 years—or make a new connection with a classmate you never knew during your time on campus. You’ll leave with an expanded circle of friends and a richer connection to Smith!

Watch for news from your class Reunion team about the exciting programming they have planned. Check your class website and social media sites for updates, or contact your Reunion Chair.

Explore the tabs below for class specific contact information or explore the reunion weekend schedules.

Check Who's Coming to Reunion for guests registered for May 19-22.

A group of alumnae sitting on a couch together in the Campus Center

Class Theme Contact Headquarters Houses



Platinum Threads Among the Gold Email Gillett Northrop/Gillett


50th Milestone

Looking Back, Moving Ahead Website | Email Ziskind Cutter, Ziskind, Capen, Northrop, Sessions, Sessions Annex



Writing Our Next Chapter Website | Facebook | Email King King/Scales


35th Milestone

Embracing Change Website | Facebook | Email Jordan Jordan/Gardiner



Still Working It! Website | Facebook | Email Lawrence Hubbard, Tyler, Lawrence, Morris, Chapin



Growing Together Facebook | Email Chase Baldwin, Albright, Chase, Duckett

Please note: Seniors and many undergraduates are still in residence in most houses through Reunion I weekend, and the number of rooms available will dictate how many houses are assigned for each class, as well as their proximity to each other.


Class Theme Contact Headquarters Houses



80th Milestone Email TBD TBD



75th Milestone Email Northrop Northrop/Gillett



A Royal Deal Email Northrop Northrop/Gillett


60th Milestone

Thank you, Smith Website | Email Gillett Northrop/Gillett



Reboot, Rebound, Rebuild Website | Facebook | Email Chase Chase/Duckett



A Sound Track for Our Lives Website | Facebook | Email Lamont Lamont/Talbot



Together Again Facebook | Email | Spotify Playlist Scales King/Scales


25th Milestone

25th Milestone Facebook | Email Ziskind Cutter/Ziskind



#10yearchallenge Facebook | Email Jordan Jordan/Gardiner



5th Reunion Email Lawrence Hubbard, Tyler, Lawrence, Morris, Chapin


Celebration! Email Cushing Cushing, Morrow, Emerson, Wilson


Smith Traditions

Lanterns lit up on campus during Illumination night

Ivy Day Ceremony and Illumination Night

On the day before Commencement, alums lead the senior class in a parade through campus. The seniors then plant ivy to symbolize the connection between the college and its graduates. On Illumination Night, the campus is aglow from the light of colored paper lanterns, creating the perfect atmosphere for reminiscing and reflecting.

Alum Parade

Don’t forget your whites! Join this moving, time-honored Reunion tradition that celebrates the enduring connections among generations of alums.

First held in 1909, the Alum Parade has served as a powerful symbol of the gratitude alums have for the college itself, the campus and the education they received here. The parade began as a way for alum classes to honor the senior class, one another, the college president and members of the faculty. Although alums now dress uniformly in white, earlier classes had varied, colorful—and sometimes quite elaborate—costumes. Colored ribbons now differentiate the classes. The class of 1905 was the first to carry placards, and by 1915 these signs became a regular feature of the parade.

Get Involved!

Reunion volunteers have an opportunity to plan programs, get to know classmates and enjoy being a part of this special annual event. Whether you are looking to get involved or are already a volunteer and are looking for helpful resources, visit our Reunion Volunteers page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

All events on Smith campus will follow the guidelines for the current campus operating mode, according to the Culture of Care plan. Remember the COVID caveat: our plans are contingent upon the current pandemic landscape. If the environment changes, plans may change too.

  • Do I need to be vaccinated and boosted to attend reunion?
    All reunion attendees - alums and guests - must be fully vaccinated and boosted. At Smith College, “full vaccination” is defined as receiving the primary vaccination course, plus a booster shot for those who are eligible, and two weeks have passed since receiving the last shot for which you are eligible. Terms and conditions are detailed in the registration process.

  • Will we need to wear masks?
    Indoor masking will be required at all times, except when eating or drinking. 

  • What are Smith’s guidelines for managing COVID on campus?
    All events on Smith campus will follow the guidelines for the current campus operating mode, according to the Culture of Care plan.


  • How do I register?
    Registration is available for Reunion I and Reunion II.
  • If I didn’t pre-register, can I still attend?
    We are excited to welcome reunion-year alums back to campus for the first time since 2019! We are only able to do this with caution and an abundance of advanced planning. For this reason only pre-registered guests may attend Reunion 2022. Registration for Reunion I will close April 25. Registration for Reunion II will close May 2. We will not be able to accomodate walk-ins.


  • Can I register now and pay when I arrive for Reunion?
    No, payment must accompany the reservation.
  • What is the class registration fee used for?
    The class registration fees are set by the individual classes to help defray class Reunion costs. Contact your class Reunion Chair for more information about the class registration fee.
  • Do I have to pay my class dues to attend Reunion?
    The class registration fee generally includes the dues fee for the year; however, classes cannot require classmates to pay dues to attend Reunion.

Cancellations & Refunds

  • If I register and can’t attend, can I get a refund?
    Class and college registration fees are nonrefundable, and meal fees are nonrefundable after the April 25 registration deadline for Reunion I and after May 2 for Reunion II. Requests for refunds must be made in writing to Smith College Reunion Registration, 76 Elm Street, Northampton, MA 01063. Requests must be received or postmarked no later than the registration deadline. All refund requests will be reviewed and processed following the completion of Reunion II weekend. Please allow up to four weeks for receipt of your refund.

Note: The majority of classes must check-in at Seelye Hall to be included in their class attendance count. The classes of 1942, 1947, 1952, 1957 must check-in at Northrop/Gillett House. The Alumnae House will NOT be a check-in site because it is undergoing a renovation.

  • When can I arrive for check-in?
    Reunion check-in runs as follows:
    Thursday: 4–9 p.m.
    Friday: 8 a.m.–10 p.m.
    Saturday: 8 a.m.–7 p.m.
  • May I check in earlier than the official check-in period?
  • What time can I get into my room?
    Thursday at 4 p.m. after you have checked in.
  • When do I have to be out of my room?
    1 p.m. on Sunday is the latest departure time.
  • Will there be someone to help with my luggage?
    We will have limited availability to help guests with their luggage on campus. Please only bring essentials and what you or your party can manage independently. If you will need additional assistance, please try to communicate with us in advance and we may be able to help in a limited capacity.
  • Where do I go if I arrive after check-in closes?
    Call Campus Police at 413-585-2490. An officer will be dispatched to let you in and give you your room number. You must stop at Seelye the next morning to officially check in and pick up your key card to access your house.


  • What is the rate for one night?
    There is one flat housing rate of $150 per person, per bed for the full weekend (3 nights). This rate includes hot breakfast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. We cannot prorate the housing charge for single nights.
  • Is there a charge for my child?
    If you want a separate room or bed for a child, the same housing charges apply. Otherwise, your child can sleep in your room, but you will need to provide your own sleeping bag, porta-crib or air mattress. Please note that housing will be limited and we are encouraging alums to travel without guests if possible in order to reserve housing for reunion-year alums.
  • Will I be able to stay near my friends?
    Each class is assigned a group of houses. Alums and guests will be housed with their reuning classmates in multiple houses assigned to the class. Housing will be located in or near class headquarters, which is the main gathering place for alums.
  • What is my room assignment?
    You will be given your room assignment when you check in at the Seelye upon your arrival on campus.
  • Am I guaranteed a room in on-campus housing?
    No. Register early in order to make sure you get housing. Due to limited housing, housing may be capped this year. For a list of local inns, hotels and bed & breakfasts, please click here. There are also rental services such as HomeAway or Airbnb.
  • I need to be in a handicap accessible room in a house with an elevator (or any other disability housing requests).
    Indicate any disability requests when completing your Reunion registration.
  • Can I change my room?
    Only if there is something wrong with your room upon arrival.
  • Can I smoke in my room?
    No. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings on campus, including student residences.
  • Will my room have a private bathroom?
  • Will my room have a refrigerator?
  • Will I have access to cooking facilities?
  • Can I bring my pet?
    No. Pets are not allowed in student residences, except registered service animals.
  • Will there be a place to secure valuables?
    No. You will not receive a key to your room and there is no place to store valuables.
  • Does my house have an elevator?
    Chase/Duckett, Comstock/Wilder, Cutter/Ziskind, Lamont, King/Scales and Northrop/Gillett have elevators..


  • Are vegetarian alternatives available?
    Yes, each meal will have a vegetarian and vegan alternative. Request any dietary accomodations in your registration form.
  • Is there a separate price for children’s meals?
    Yes, meals for children 12 and under are available for $12 per meal.
  • Can I bring a guest/spouse/partner/child?
    Guests of reunion-year alums will be able to attend as long as they meet participation requirements at the time of reunion. All guests are required to demonstrate that they have been vaccinated and boosted; masking is required indoors. You must include guests on your registration form. Please note that housing will be limited and we are encouraging alums to travel without guests if possible in order to reserve housing for reunion-year alums.
  • Will my guest/spouse/partner/child be staying in the same room as me?
    We will try to accommodate spouses, partners and children in double rooms (2 single beds); however, most rooms on campus are singles, with one single bed – partners will be assigned to a nearby room if a double is unavailable. You should bring a sleeping bag, porta-crib or air mattress for a child who will be staying in the same room.

  • Will there be a spouse/partner program?
    It’s up to the individual class; you should contact your class Reunion Chair.

  • Are guests/children allowed to attend class meals?
    Yes, space permitting.

  • Are children allowed to march in the Alumnae Parade?

  • Are there separate bathroom facilities in the residence houses for men?
    No, especially during Reunion I/Commencement weekend.

  • It's not my official reunion year – may I register anyway?
    This year, due to limited capacity on campus, in houses and for dining, alums who are not in one of the official reunion classes (those ending in 2s and 7s), are not eligible to register for reunion.


  • Where can I find directions to campus?
    Directions and a listing of transportation services are available on our website.
  • Where should I park?
    The parking garage on West Street (Route 66) is open. Maps of campus parking areas will be available at the Seelye Hall  and Class Headquarters. City of Northampton and campus parking regulations remain in effect, including metered parking spaces.

  • I’ll be driving an RV – where should I park?
    All mobile homes and self-contained vans should be parked in the Indoor Track & Tennis Facility lot (preferably) or the Ainsworth Gym parking lot.

  • I'll be driving an electric vehicle - are there electric car charging stations on campus?
    Yes, there are 4 electric car charging stations. They are located in the Arnold Street parking lot, next to Ford Hall. Please note, there is a 2 hour parking limit in these spaces.

  • Will there be shuttles to transport my luggage and me to my house?
    Yes, on-campus shuttles will be available to transport you to and from parking areas and student residences.

  • Will there be a shuttle to take me to and from my hotel?
    No. Shuttles are for on-campus transportation only.
  • What is the Class of 2020 Celebration on Reunion II Weekend?
    Class volunteers, in collaboration with the college, are planning a special weekend celebration for the Class of 2020. While there will not be a Commencement, the class will get to participate in the weekend's Ivy Day and Illumination Night. There will be other special events planned exclusively for the class.

  • Who is invited? Can I bring guests?
    We understand that friends and loved ones want to support and celebrate with you. However, since this is not a Commencement, but rather a celebration of your class, we ask that you come back independently, ready to kick back and enjoy with your friends and classmates. If a guest must accompany you, which we understand may be necessary, they are responsible for covering their own housing and dining fees. Housing is extremely limited.

  • Is there a cost?
    No! All meals and housing costs are on Smith.

  • Where can I register and learn more?
    Registration will open online shortly.


  • Will anything be available virtually?
    Most classes are planning one in-person program that will be streamed into a Zoom webinar so that classmates at home may be able to participate virtually. More information about the select availability of virtual programs will be available in late-March.

  • Do AASC lifetime members receive a discount?
    Fully paid lifetime members of the AASC in reuning classes earlier than 1996 are entitled to a $25 discount on on-campus housing. This discount cannot be applied to the class or college registration fees or meal fees. If applicable, this discount will automatically be deducted from your online registration.

  • What events are planned for my class?
    Programming is planned by the individual classes; you should contact your class Reunion Chair.

  • I want to attend Reunion, even though my class isn’t reuning this year.
    This year we cannot accommodate alum attendees outside of this year’s reunion cycle.

  • I will need a wheelchair or special assistance for a medical condition.
    Please indicate any disability accommodations on your registration form and register as soon as possible. 

  • It's not my official reunion year – may I register anyway?
    This year, due to limited capacity on campus, in houses and for dining, alums who are not in one of the official reunion classes (those ending in 2s and 7s), are not eligible to register for reunion.

Past Virtual Reunion Programs and Highlights

Explore digital programming from 2020 and 2021 and revisit virtual parades, concerts, lectures and more.

Virtual Reunion 2020   Virtual Reunion 2021


Student Workers

Student workers are a vital part of making Reunion weekends successful. The work can be demanding, but it is also meaningful and fun. Compensation is for hours worked and includes meals and housing. To learn more contact



Office of Alumnae Relations

Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Change of address?
Update your contact information online or or log into the Alumnae Directory.

Phone: 800-526-2023 (option 9) or 413-585-2150
Fax: 413-585-2015