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Summer Housing 2023 -- May 14 - September 4


The Summer Housing Request Form opens on Friday, April 14, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. via Residence Life Self Service. The priority deadline for summer housing requests is Sunday, April 30, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. 

The Summer Housing Request Form will be unavailable from May 1-29. Students will not be able to register for summer housing during this time. On May 30, the Summer Housing Request Form will reopen until July 28, 2023 for new and updated requests

Students are encouraged to register only for summer housing blocks they are certain will be needed. Cancellations will not be permitted after May 5 (see Cancellations/Refunds). Students may request through July 28 to have their summer housing extended, if available. Students who wish to extend their time in summer housing must contact Residence Life at at least 5 business days prior to the start of the next block. 

Summer housing is limited and offered on a first come, first served basis.


Currently enrolled undergraduate students are eligible for summer housing. Entering students, graduating seniors and non-Smith students are not eligible for summer housing. Students who are withdrawn from the college are also not eligible for summer housing.

Housing Assignments and Locations

Summer Housing will be located at 54 Green Street, Comstock House, Hopkins House, Park Annex, Parsons Annex, Tenney House, Washburn House, Wilder House and Ziskind House. Conway House will continue to be utilized as year-round housing for Ada Comstock Scholars currently assigned to this community.

We are providing all single occupancy rooms. This means that rooms typically used as doubles throughout the academic year will have only one occupant in summer. This means no students will have a roommate for summer housing.

All assignments will be determined by Residence Life and emailed to students at least 3 days prior to their scheduled arrival date. Students will be able to indicate specific house preferences when registering for summer housing. 

Students with approved ODS housing accommodations will be provided with housing that meets their current accommodations on file, if available. If you require new ODS accommodations, please be in touch with the Office of Disability Services as soon as possible. Students with ODS accommodations for air-conditioning will be assigned to Washburn House, when available. Students approved for service or support animals will not be housed in Washburn House, as this house is designated as animal-free.

All students registered for summer housing after August 19 will move into their academic year assignments on Sunday, August 20, 2023.

NOTE: Students who do not have a Fall housing assignment (due to study abroad/away, leave of absence, living off-campus, etc.) must vacate summer housing no later than Noon on Sunday. August 20, 2023.

Questions About the Summer Housing 

Summer housing FAQs coming soon. For general questions, please contact Residence Life at


Payment & Fees

Summer housing will be charged at a weekly rate of $260 (includes room and board) billed by block period. Students who receive a meal plan exemption qualify for a reduced weekly rate of $155 (includes room only). 

Students will be required to register for full block periods. Students will be responsible for the full block rate, including instances of late arrival, early departure or last minute cancellations. 


BLOCK 1 May 14 - May 28 ~2 weeks $563.33 (meals) / $335.83 (w/o meals)
BLOCK 2 May 29 - June 3 ~1 week $216.67 (meals) / $129.17 (w/o meals)
BLOCK 3 June 4 - June 24 3 weeks $780.00 (meals) / $465.00 (w/o meals)
BLOCK 4 June 25 - July 8 2 weeks $520.00 (meals) / $310.00 (w/o meals)
BLOCK 5 July 9 - August 5 4 weeks $1,040.00(meals) / $620.00(w/o meals)
BLOCK 6A August 6 - August 19 2 weeks $520.00 (meals) / $310.00 (w/o meals)
BLOCK 6B* August 6 - September 4 4 weeks $1,083.33(meals) / $645.83 (w/o meals)
FULL SUMMER May 13 - September 4 ~16 weeks $4,203.33 (meals) / $2,505.83 (w/o meals)
*Students who are approved for early arrival will have fees waived for approved early arrival dates



Summer housing fees are billed directly to your student account. Students will be automatically enrolled in a payment plan through Student Financial Services for payment of all summer housing fees. Students have the option to either make regular payments to their student accounts throughout the summer or make lump sum payments prior to the first day of classes in the Fall. As long as the full amount due is paid before September 7, no late fees will be charged.

For students who register for summer housing prior to April 30, your student account will be billed on or around May 15 for any summer housing from May 14 - August 19. 

For students who register for summer housing after May 29, your student account will be billed on or around the 15th of the month following your registration date for any housing from May 29 - August 19.

If you plan to be in summer housing from August 20 - September 4 (Block 6B), you will not be billed for the period between August 20 - September 4 until after early arrivals are confirmed in early August. All charges for summer housing dates after August 20 will be billed separately in August. If you have been approved for early arrival by a Smith advisor, supervisor or coach, you will not be charged for this period.

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations will not be permitted after May 5. Limited exceptions will be considered for student cancellations due to COVID or other illness making travel to campus unsafe for the student and/or the Smith community, certain international travel-related issues (border closures, international travel restrictions, passport/visa issues, etc.) and participation in select summer programs. Additional documentation may be required.

Students must arrive on the first day of their arrival block but may depart at any point during their summer housing block. Refunds will not be issued for early departures with limited exception (see above). Students who are withdrawn from the college are entitled to a refund based on their withdrawal date.

Students who wish to extend their time in summer housing must contact Residence Life at at least 5 business days prior to the start of the next block. Students who do not move out by the last day of their scheduled block will be charged for the full rate of the next block.

Financial Assistance

We are unable to provide financial assistance for on-campus summer housing or off-campus housing obtained by the student. Students participating in the SURF program may be eligible for financial assistance provided by the SURF program. Please contact for additional information.

Your Responsibility

You are responsible for paying the full amount of your contracted time regardless of whether you stay the entire time. You may not cancel any blocks already registered for after May 5. If you are unsure about your length of stay, please only sign up for the minimal amount of blocks. You may contact Residence Life to request additional weeks, if needed, as space is available.

Rooms will be inspected and damages or cleaning charges will be assessed to you. You will be billed for unreturned room keys. 

Key Pick-Up/Move In/Move Out

Students may arrive on the following block arrivals dates:

Monday, May 15, 2023 

Monday, May 29, 2023

Sunday, June 4, 2023  

Sunday, June 25, 2023    

Sunday, July 9, 2023        

Sunday, August 6, 2023    

Key Pick-Up

Key pick-up/drop off for summer housing will be available at Clark Hall. 


Students moving directly from their academic year assignments will remain in their academic year assignment until Monday, May 15. Key pick-up will be available from 9am-4pm. All academic year room assignments must be completely vacated no later than 9am on Tuesday, May 16. 

Students arriving for summer housing from off-campus locations will be able to pick-up keys on their scheduled move-in date. Key pick-up will be available from 1pm-3pm.


Summer housing blocks run from Sunday until Sunday. Your summer housing block ends on a Saturday, but you will actually have until Sunday at noon to move out. You will be expected to vacate your summer housing location COMPLETELY by noon on the Sunday following the end of your Block. You WILL NOT be permitted to leave items in your summer housing assignment for blocks you have not signed up for.

If you sign up for consecutive blocks, you do not move out from block to block unless there is a gap in your summer housing blocks.

If you have a gap (a gap meaning that your housing ends, you are away for a block during which you did not register, and then you return) you must remove all belongings from the room, clean it, and drop off the key just as if your housing were ending for that block. You may not leave your belongings in your summer housing assignment if you have not signed up for that block. This room will be assigned to other students. Items may be stored in JMG until you return to campus.

JMG Storage Information is located here:

All students registered for summer housing after August 19 will move into their academic year assignments on Sunday, August 20, 2023.

Students Without 2023-2024 Academic Year Assignments

On-campus housing will not be available after August 20 for students who will not be living on-campus for the fall semester. Students who plan to study abroad/away, take a leave or live off-campus for the fall semester, will not be permitted to reside in summer housing after August 20 at Noon as all students will be expected to transition to their academic year assignments on this date. Alternative off-campus housing will be required for students without academic year assignments. Please plan accordingly. 

Meal Plans

All students will participate in the meal plan. Meals will be offered 5 days a week with breakfast, lunch and dinner available on all weekdays (certain holidays excluded). Dining locations and times to be determined. Students will be responsible for purchasing and/or preparing their own meals on weekends. 

All summer housing locations will have access to communal kitchen areas, which include access to a refrigerator, stove/oven and microwave. 

Ada Comstock Scholars and other students who are deemed financially independent by Student Financial Services are permitted to opt out of the meal plan during the registration period. 

All other students who wish to request a meal plan exemption* may do so by contacting the Office of Disability Services for exemptions related to a medical need or Dining Services for exemptions due to religious or personal need. Residence Life is unable to grant meal plan exemptions. All meal plan exemptions must be approved by ODS and/or Dining Services. Meal plan exemptions will not be granted based on financial need.

*If you feel you need an accommodation or exception to the meal plan, please contact Dining Services at and/or Disability Services at Dining accommodations must be received by May 15 and your bill will be adjusted.*

Extended Housing 

We are allowing students approved for extended housing to remain in their academic year rooms until after Commencement. Students not approved for extended housing must sign up for summer housing for those two weeks. 

Summer Storage

If you are a student living on campus during the summer, you may store no more than three items in John M. Greene storage. If you are participating in extended housing or Pre-College programs and are not paying to live on campus during the summer, you may store no more than two items in JMG storage. This is in addition to the items (no more than five) that may be stored in your house trunk room. 

This is short-term storage, and all items stored must be retrieved by the end of the first week of fall classes. Each item should be visibly and clearly labeled with your full name, class year, date stored and date you are returning to campus. The storage facility is in the basement of John M. Greene Hall. You may check-in at the back steps of JMG during posted times to store your items. Additional hours are posted on the web site as they become available. If you have additional questions about JMG storage, you may contact Hannah Durrant at

Please note: Smith College is not liable for missing or damaged items that are stored in trunk rooms. In addition, Smith College is not liable for use of off-campus storage options nor does the college endorse particular vendors.

Summer Programs Housing

Housing for Summer Precollege Programs during your term of employment is handled through the Office of Summer Programs. Contact Program Coordinator Katie Edington, at, with any questions.