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Program Managers that involve minors at Smith College are required to ensure compliance and manage program registration as outlined in the Policy on Safety and Wellbeing of Minors. Ultimate responsibility for adhering to the policy and processes for minor safety rests with the Program Manager.

Please contact the HR Operations Team at if you have questions.

Program & Activity Registration

Prior to the start of your program, the Program Manager must register the program and ensure that all faculty, staff, students, and volunteers who will be working with minors complete their minor safety certification.

Program Managers sign into the Minor Safety Registration and Certification System and select “Smith College Login” using their Smith SSO credentials.

1. Register the program. Registration includes identifying and listing all staff, faculty, students, and/or volunteers working with minors. All adults working with minors in your program or activity must be included in the roster and must be minor safety certified to participate.

In the Minor Safety Registration and Certification System, select “Minor Safety Program Registration Form” and follow the prompts to complete the registration. Contact HR at with any questions.

You will need to provide activity-specific information which will include, among other things:

  • Sponsoring Department
  • Program Name
  • Program date/time
  • Program Details
  • Program description
  • Will overnights be included?
  • Will there be transportation provided for minors?
  • Will photographs/digital images of the minors be created that will be used by Smith College in promotional and media materials? If so, participants should fill out the minor release form.
  • Brief list of duties that will be expected of the program representatives
  • Will international program representatives be participating in this program?
  • Program location
  • Estimated number and age of minors participating
  • Submit the program for registration
  • Email addresses of faculty, staff, employees, students, and other individuals working or volunteering in the program/activity.

2. Minor Safety Certification is required for all Program Managers as well as all Program Representatives (staff, faculty, students, and/or volunteers) participating in the program with minors. For more information see the Minor Safety Certification page.

It is the responsibility of the Program Manager to ensure that all individuals (whether faculty, staff, student or volunteer) who are required to be minor safety certified in accordance with this policy do not commence their minor safety program service until both the background check and training have been completed.