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From time to time the college may wish to give certain property to an individual or to another organization, for example, used computers may be donated to a school or other non-profit entity.

While the college makes no warranty of fitness for purpose or value for any property or equipment that it may give to another party, departments wishing to donate such property to another entity or person should follow these guidelines:

  1. If the property is being discarded because it is inherently unsafe, it should not be donated to any third party unless it is clear that it is being donated as scrap only, and will not be used for its original purpose. The “unsafe” condition may be determined by changing standards for such equipment, as opposed to having been caused by an accident or use of the equipment (e.g., stadium seating must now have rails, backs and other safety measures to prevent falls by young children – we could not donate old stadium seating that did not meet current standards.)
  2. Computer equipment must be completely wiped of all data. Wiping must be verified.

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