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Interterm Registration


Normally only students enrolled at Smith College during both the fall and spring semesters are considered to be eligible to register for interterm courses.

Registration Instructions

Eligible students interested in taking a course during interterm may register online.

1. Choose Courses

Consult the Smith College Course Catalog to view course offerings for the upcoming Interterm.

2. Get Approval from Adviser

You must obtain your adviser's approval.

3. Get Permission from Instructor

If necessary, you must get permission of the course instructor.

4. Register

Registration for Interterm opens during November registration and stays open throughout Interterm.

Interterm Courses at the Five Colleges

The Five College Interchange does not apply to Interterm courses. If you plan on taking courses in Interterm on one of the other campuses, you must have your courses approved by the registrar's office for transfer to your Smith degree and you must register at that campus and pay their course fees/tuition.

Five College Policies & Guidelines


BannerWeb registration for interterm will be accessible beginning with the November advising period. All adds and drops can be processed online through BannerWeb through the posted deadlines. The online add and drop deadlines vary from course to course and are posted below:

Pay close attention to the specific deadlines for adding and dropping courses. Any student who does not attend and remains registered in a course after the deadline to drop will receive an unsatisfactory grade in the course.

Credit Maximum

You may not enroll in more than four credits during any one interterm and may accrue no more than 12 approved interterm credits at Smith or elsewhere toward your Smith degree.

S/U Option

The satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading option may be elected in interterm courses with the permission of the instructor and submission of a signed form. Courses taken S/U will count toward the 16-credit maximum permitted for the degree.

Transfer Credit

The college will consider for transfer credit academic interterm courses taken at other non-interchange institutions. The number of credits accepted for each interterm course (normally up to three) will be determined upon review of the credits assigned by the host institution. Courses must be apporved by the registrar's office for transfer to the Smith degree.