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Faculty & Staff Resources

Privacy of Student Records

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, sets forth requirements regarding the privacy of student records. The act gives students and former students access to their official records at the college, to provide an opportunity to correct inaccurate or misleading statements and to ensure that records are not released to unauthorized persons without the consent of the student. Questions concerning the Family Rights and Privacy Act may be referred to the Office of the Registrar, College Hall, 102.

Take the tutorial on FERPA rules & regulations.

Classroom Scheduling

The registrar's office is responsible for assigning all courses and sections to classrooms. During the early registration period, our scheduling coordinator will survey all instructors about their space needs and preferences. Room assignments are based on registration figures, enrollment limits, technology needs and, if possible, instructor preferences.

The Classroom Committee, a subcommittee of the Committee on Academic Priorities (CAP), reviews and monitors the use and conditions of all general-purpose classrooms that are scheduled by the registrar's office. The committee has an annual budget for classroom repairs and furnishing replacements and solicits notifications of problems in campus classrooms. For more information, contact Sandra Blaney.

Graduation Rates

In accordance with the Student Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act, the average graduation rate as of 2014 for students who enter Smith College as first-year students is 86 percent. The period covered is equal to 150 percent of the normal time for graduation.