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Career Guides

Are you thinking about your future but not sure where to begin? Start here. This self-paced activity will give you greater clarity about your career plan and help you identify the next right thing for you to explore. After you dive in, make an appointment with a career adviser to chat about your next steps.

Explore Your Next Right Thing
in this Interactive Google Doc

Click on any of the links below to open your own copy of the Google Doc, within which you can make your own notes and edits.

Curriculum Vitae for Academic or Research Roles (Google Doc)

Resumes for Actors & Artists (Google Doc)

Resumes for Ada Comstock Scholars/Nontraditional Students (Google Doc)

Resumes for Student-Athletes (Google Doc)

Sample Science, Computer Science and Engineering Resumes (Google Doc)

Your Job Search (Google Doc)

Your Job Search Timeline (link to come)

Recruiting Timelines (Google Doc)

Understanding Job Offers (Google Doc)

Graduate School

MBA Programs

Law Schools

We are aware that Google Docs don’t meet all accessibility requirements. Please email for a fully accessible version if you need one.

Professional Development Webinars

The Office of Alum Relations invites students to attend their professional development webinars, where you can learn from alums and career experts on a variety of topics. Listen to past webinars in the Webinar Archive.

Career Advice Videos from the Lazarus Center