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Internship Credit

In the fall of 2019, the Committee on Academic Priorities approved limited credit for internships. Students may apply for and receive 0.25 credits for an internship completed over the summer.

Internship Credit Guidelines

Credit will be degree-bearing and will be noted as Pass/Fail on a student’s transcript. Credit will appear on a student’s transcript retroactively for the summer term, once all program requirements have been met, with no incursion of tuition costs.

Students are not required to use credit for summer internships. This option has been implemented to support students whose internship site requires that interns receive credit, and for students who would like to have the experience noted on their transcript.



  • Current First-Years, Sophomores and Juniors.
  • Students whose internship site requires that interns receive credit
  • Students who want to document an internship experience officially on their Smith transcript
  • Students may apply for credit no more than 3 times, capping the total amount of credit a student can receive at 0.75.
  • Note: Upon approval for Internship Credit you will be registered for course IDP 117.

Please note the following restrictions regarding Leaves of Absence:

  • Any student on leave during the Fall semester is not eligible for Interterm Internship Credit.
  • Any student on leave during Spring semester is not eligible for Summer Internship Credit.

POLICY UPDATE 3/30/21: Students are strongly encouraged to pursue remote internship opportunities during summer 2021. Any student who wishes to use college funding or credit to support an in-person opportunity must submit a Petition for In-Person, Smith-supported Internship with their Praxis, Praxis with Credit or Credit-Only application. Any internship that is granted approval must take place in the U.S. or in a student's home country.

  • Must take place over the summer (Interterm 2022 pending college approval)
  • Internships may be paid or unpaid
  • Students must work for a minimum of 220 hours (Summer) and at least 5.5 weeks
  • Must relate to major, minor or concentration
  • Must offer work assignments that are needed by the workplace and that help the student meet learning objectives
  • Must allow significant career exploration and learning opportunities
  • Must be supervised by a permanent, paid staff member with relevant expertise, and who meets with the intern a minimum of once a week
  • While some clerical work may take place, it should be in combination with more substantive, professional assignments, with the balance of the time being on the latter.
  • Students can choose to receive credit only, or combine credit with Praxis funding. Please choose the appropriate application (Credit only or Praxis with Credit)
  • Students must complete an application by the deadline (Summer 2021 Deadline: May 13)
  • International students must complete the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) application.
  • See the Applications & Forms page to find the appropriate application
  • Approved students must complete journal entries during their internship, to be used to craft a Final Reflective Essay. This online form includes an upload space for your essay, which will be submitted to your faculty adviser to determine pass/fail. See our Guide to Writing Your Final Reflective Essay.
  • The student’s internship supervisor must submit a Verification of Internship Completion (email from your supervisor confirming hours worked and commenting on your work performance), send to
  • Once all requirements have been met, credit will appear on a student’s transcript retroactively under course code IDP 117. Credit will be degree-bearing and will be noted as Pass/Fail on a student’s transcript.
  • There is no tuition cost for Internship Credit/IDP 117, and no class to attend.
  • If students register for Internship Credit and do not complete the internship & requirements, they will receive a failing grade for the internship, which will be noted on their transcript.