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You alone are responsible for your class registration. With few exceptions (for example, music lessons, special studies, honors), only you can put yourself in a course and only you can take yourself out.

See the registrar's website for information about registering for courses, registration guidelines and registration deadlines.

Confirmation of Registration

You can confirm the courses you are registered in by looking at your schedule in Workday. Speak to your class dean immediately if you are registered for a course you are not taking or if you ar not registered for a class that you are taking.

Please note: Enrollment on Moodle does not mean you are officially enrolled in a course. If you do not see the course on Workday you are not registered.

Changing Registration

You may change your registration in Workday at the beginning of each semester during the Add/Drop period. Please pay specific attention to the deadlines for adding courses online.

Adding a Class in the Third Week

Up until the end of the third week of the semester you may add a course with the Add Form found on the registrar's website and in Workday. You will need approval from the instructor and your adviser. Be aware that the instructor can refuse to allow you to join a class late.

Adding a Class After the Third Week

After the end of the third week you must use the Petition Form to add a class and explain why you are adding the class late.  You will need the signatures of your instructor and your adviser.

Change of Grading Option

To change the grading option of a Smith course from a letter grade to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U), or from S/U to a letter grade, complete the Change of Grading Option Form. You may change the grading option of a full semester Smith course until the end of the ninth week of the semester. 

Smith students wishing to change the grading option in a five-college course they are enrolled in need to follow the deadline of the appropriate five-college institution which can be earlier or later than that for a Smith course. 

Dropping a Class

You may drop a full semester class until the end of the fifth week with the Drop Form located on the registrar's website and in Workday as long as you remain in 12 credits for the semester and at least 8 credits are on the Smith campus, or, for Adas, half of your credits are on the Smith campus. You will need the approval from the instructor and your adviser.

Free Drops

A free drop allows you to drop a full semester class from your record in the current semester up until the end of the ninth week of classes, see the Registrar's Office website for half-semester course deadlines. You must consult with and obtain the signatures of the course instructor, your adviser and the appropriate class dean in order to use the free-drop option by the appropriate deadline posted on the registrar's website. You are allowed two opportunities to free drop a course during your time at Smith: the first only during your first year (if you do not use it, it disappears), and the second may be used in any semester after your first year.

No late forms will be accepted. You may not free drop a course if it results in your being enrolled in fewer than 12 credits. The free drop form is available in the class deans office.