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If you wish to be readmitted after a withdrawal you need to request readmission through the class deans office. We have provided directions and are happy to answer questions by phone or email.

If you need health clearance to be readmitted you should contact the Smith College Health Services Office early in the readmission request. Health clearance is a separate process and may take time as your health care provide must communicate with our Health Services staff. Clearance from Health Services will be communicated to the class deans office at a date later than the readmission request deadline. Do not submit your Readmission Form and statement to the Health Services office; send these materials to the class deans office. Review the section below regarding Clearance from Health Services for additional information.

You should also contact Student Financial Services early in the readmission process to be sure you have no outstanding balance and to initiate the financial aid process if you are an financial aid recipient.

Readmission Deadlines

November 1 For the following spring semester
March 1 For the following fall semester

The Readmission Process

Begin by reviewing the letter you received upon your withdrawal from Smith College. If you need a copy of your Smith College withdrawal letter, please request it by emailing

To be considered for readmission the Administrative Board will need the following:

The Administrative Board will consider you for readmission once you have submitted your completed form and supporting materials by email (preferably as a PDF) to and you have had a conversation with your class dean.

Be sure we have your current email address and phone number. Readmission is managed through email and phone, and we need to be able to reach you.

Detailed Readmission Instructions

Readmission Form

The Readmission Form consists of three parts: your current contact information, a list of courses taken and the credit you expect to earn (if you earned credit while away), and a personal statement.

In your statement you should:

  • Explain briefly the circumstances that led you to withdraw and the specifics of your plan to manage your course work upon your return. 
  • Tell us what you have been doing in your time away from the college (study, work, volunteering, etc.).
  • If you withdrew for health reasons, please outline your plan for self-care upon your return to Smith.
  • If you are a junior or senior, or if you have changed your major, you must include a plan of study that indicates how you will complete the major endorsed by your major adviser (the adviser can email approval of your plan to the class deans office). If you are changing majors you should have your course plan approved by the chair of your new department.

Official Transcripts (if applicable)

If you have completed coursework at another institution, list these courses on the Readmission Form and attach copies of all course descriptions. If you are currently enrolled in courses, check that these courses are in progress on the form.

Upon completion of all course work, request that an official transcript be sent directly to:

Smith College
Office of the Class Deans
College Hall Room 101
Northampton, MA 01063

Clearance from Health Services

If the conditions of your readmission outlined in your withdrawal letter required you to receive clearance from Smith College Health Services, you should initiate the process as soon as it is practical. The Administrative Board cannot consider your request for readmission without health clearance if it was required.

Contact Health Services at 413-585-2806 and they will instruct you on the next steps.

Deadlines for Health Clearance

May 1 For the fall semester
December 1 For the spring semester

Financial Holds

If you have access to BannerWeb, check to see if you have a financial hold on your student account for an outstanding balance or a requirement that needs to be fulfilled.

You must clear your hold(s) and/or pay your account in full and be cleared by Student Financial Services to be considered for readmission.

If you do not have BannerWeb access or you have questions, you may contact Student Financial Services directly for more information at 413-585-2530 or

Financial Aid (if applicable)

If you are a financial aid recipient, you should plan ahead and reapply for financial aid, regardless of your readmission status. Follow the Smith College financial aid deadlines for current students.

Applying for financial aid does not imply that you have been readmitted. It is highly recommended that you complete your financial aid application by the following deadlines:

Deadlines for Financial Aid

May 15 For the fall semester
December 15 For the spring semester

If your financial aid application is still incomplete by the final deadlines listed below, your readmission may be denied or prior approval revoked.

August 15 For the fall semester
January 4 For the spring semester

Please contact Student Financial Services with any questions regarding the financial aid application process at 413-585-2530 or

Conversation with the Appropriate Class Dean

Once you have sent in your form, you should call the class deans office at 413-585-4915 to schedule an in-person or phone appointment with the dean of the class year you will join on your return.

This conversation will give you a chance to discuss your academic plans with the dean, consider your options as you resume your studies, and discuss any other issues that are relevant to your successful return to Smith College.

After Readmission Approval

Deposit with the Registrar's Office

Once your readmission has been approved, you will be notified by the class deans office and asked to submit a check or money order for $100 made out to Smith College and sent to the registrar's office to cover the general deposit required of all readmitted students. Until this deposit is paid, you will not be considered an enrolled student, your housing will not be assigned and your financial aid will not be calculated.

Complete Residence Life Form

Along with the general deposit, you must fill out the room assignment request for readmitted students. The form is required of all readmitted students, even those requesting permission to live off campus.

Returning to Smith After Readmission

Attend Orientation

As a readmitted student, you are invited to participate in orientation events.

Residence Life Check-in

Check with the office of residence life regarding housing assignments, return date, and key pick-up.

Meet With Your Adviser

You should arrange to meet with your adviser to discuss your course selections. Your adviser will have access to your registration code a couple weeks before the semester starts. However, please note that your adviser will not necessarily be on campus and available to meet prior to the beginning of classes. You will receive information from the registrar's office about registration before the semester starts. You will have the first two weeks of classes to add/drop courses online.

If you have a declared major, the chair of your department will also have the registration code which you will need to register. If you have not declared a major, your liberal arts adviser and your class dean will have the code that you need to register. If you will be declaring/changing your major, you may wish to contact the chair of the appropriate department for assignment to a new adviser.

Meet With Your Class Dean

Please make an appointment with your class dean to follow up on your academic plan for successful completion of your degree.