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A Culture of Care

Read Smith’s plans for the spring 2021 semester.
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Orientation Programs

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Spring 2021 Orientation Update

A schedule for the spring 2021 orientation program will be posted here at the end of January.

Orientation is an important start to your experience as a new student at Smith. It introduces new students to the campus community and its resources, providing a solid framework on which to build your overall success at the college. The week before the start of classes, all first-year, transfer, visiting/exchange students and Ada Comstock Scholars gather to learn about the college and get to know each other. All new students are expected to participate fully in the entire Orientation program, which typically begins in late August each year.

About Orientation

Orientation Overview

During Orientation and the first several weeks of the semester, you can choose from a variety of academic, social, recreational and informational events: picnics, tours of campus buildings, a trip to a mountaintop, meetings with your classmates and academic advisers, conversations with faculty members, small group discussions on the summer reading, evening films and much more. By taking part in different types of events, you’ll get to know people with various interests and learn about many aspects of the Smith community. To help you become a respectful and responsible member of the college, Orientation also includes discussions about what it means to live in a diverse residential group and community.

What to Expect

We strive to make Orientation fun and relaxing. Expect to meet interesting and diverse members of the Smith community, including other new students, returning students, faculty, staff and administrators. You will also meet with your faculty adviser and receive valuable information to help you succeed here. By participating in a small Orientation group based on interests, you will find others who share your pursuits.

Smith Reads

All new students are required to participate in Smith Reads before coming to Smith in the fall; during Orientation they will join in discussion groups and other activities involving the reading, often including a presentation by the author.

Online Orientation Courses

Welcome new first-years, transfers & Ada Comstock Scholars

These courses are for fall orientation. Looking for spring information? Go to the Spring Orientation page.