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Work Requests

Use FacilitiesLink to submit routine, non-emergency requests.

Please note: All maintenance and improvement work must be performed by Facilities Management. Under no circumstances should students, faculty, or staff attempt to repair or make improvements.

Closeup of an electrician working on an electrical panel

How to Submit a Work Request

If you have questions, please call 413-585-2400 or email

  1. Log in to FacilitiesLink ( and navigate to Requests.
  2. Click on Submit a Work Request.
  3. Enter in the location into the Building or Grounds Area field.
  4. As you type, a list of suggested locations will drop down.
  5. When a building is selected, the system will give you a list of suggested rooms.
  6. These fields can also be entered by typing them directly.
  1. Enter a detailed description into the Describe the Issue or Work Needed field. (Example: “Room is too hot” or “The sink is clogged.”)
  2. You have the option to take or attach a photo.
  3. Confirm or adjust your name, phone number, and email address.
  4. If applicable, enter in a contact’s name, phone number, and email or check Same as Requester.
  5. If applicable, select a Department for the request.
  6.  Click Submit.



Whenever possible, work will be completed within five business days. Requests requiring the services of tradesmen or contractors may take longer, depending on the availability of personnel and the urgency of the request.