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Design Thinking

Photo of colorful circles being arranged on a piece of paper

Design in service of broader social issues.

The world around us is largely shaped by design—the products, services, infrastructures, systems and narratives that form our experience are all designed. At Smith College, we question gender, race, ethnicity, power and ability as dynamics that shape who gets to participate in creating the world we live in. Students become critically engaged with the processes shaping our reality.

Upcoming Events

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Institutional Change Partnerships Notified

  • This weeklong professional development opportunity will introduce teams to processes, tools and methodologies for making positive change within home units or across multiple units. As a cohort, partners will continue to convene for monthly lunch meetings to share progress, successes and challenges.


Co-Teaching Fellowship Applications Due

  • The Design Thinking Advisory Board invites the collaboratively curious to experiment with a twist on co-teaching for this coming fall.


Co-Teaching Fellowships Awarded

  • The Co-Teaching Fellowship aims to promote and support cross-disciplinary curricular experimentation through co-teaching. We hope to lower the barriers for entering this type of collaboration.

A Space for Making

The Design Thinking Initiative is housed in Capen Annex, a space designed and dedicated to hands-on creativity and experimentation. Participants engage in group work, high- and low-tech prototyping, and collaborative idea generation.

Exterior view of Capen Annex


Design Thinking Initiative

146 Elm Street
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063

Phone: 413-585-3653
Fax: 413-585-3655