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Design Thinking

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Where heads, hearts, and hands come together to explore, create, and play!

The world around us is largely shaped by design–the products, services, infrastructures, and systems that form our experience are all designed. At Smith, we question gender, race, ethnicity, power and ability as dynamics that shape who gets to participate in creating the worlds in which we live. Human-made mass now exceeds all living biomass. As makers we challenge obsolescence, explore alternative resources,  and hold a longview when thinking about the impacts of what we make. Within a Women’s Liberal Arts College we critically engage with design and making in order to advance these practices in service of broad social issues.

Events and Classroom Use

The Design Thinking Initiative hosts workshops, lectures, gatherings, collaborative opportunities, and celebrations throughout the year. Sign up for our Mailing List and check the Smith Social Network for the latest events.

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Design Thinking Initiative

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