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For Faculty & Staff

Photo of Capen Annex

The initiative is an inspirational reimagining of the liberal arts in which the humanities, social sciences and STEM disciplines work in synergy. We aim to serve as a bridge between disciplines and to open space for interdisciplinary making and doing.

Curricular Enhancement and Institutional Capacity Building

One of the Initiative’s primary goals is to incorporate human-centered design into the liberal arts education. The ways we do this is by providing opportunities for faculty to collaborate across disciplines, integrate human-centered design into courses, use Capen Annex as a space to experiment with making and teaching in new ways, and engage in cross-disciplinary design-oriented projects.

We also aim to introduce and empower members of the Smith community with human-centered design as a means for making institutional change. We do this by offering professional development opportunities for teams within and across units and by bringing workshops to critical audiences and events.

Ways to Engage

Co-Teaching Fellowship
Apply for a research grant to enable faculty with overlapping teaching time blocks to collaborate on a project or class.

Institutional Change Partners
Small teams of 2–4 staff and/or faculty members are encouraged to apply to bring a project, animating question, challenge or change initiative to an immersive one-week human-centered design deep-dive course and experience continued support as a cohort through the rest of the year.

Prototyping and Design Consultation
Meet with us to discuss incorporating human-centered design into your course curricula or operations.

Class Visits
We can introduce classes to the prototyping studio through a tour, brief safety seminar and small project or equipment demonstration.

Auxiliary Support
You can meet with us for technical or methodological support.

Capen Annex
Smith College faculty and staff are welcome to use Capen Annex. Please contact to reserve the space.