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For Faculty & Staff

Photo of Capen Annex

The initiative is an inspirational reimagining of the liberal arts in which the humanities, social sciences and STEM disciplines work in synergy. We aim to serve as a bridge between disciplines and to open space for interdisciplinary making and doing.

Curricular Enhancement Grants

Integrative Learning Curricular Enhancement Grant
The Integrative Learning units (Conway Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Design Thinking Initiative, Narratives Project, and Wurtele Center for Leadership) invite faculty members from any discipline to apply for funds to modify and enhance existing courses or develop new courses that build students' capacities for iterative thinking and making, collaborative teamwork, creative problem-solving, design, or storytelling. 

Grant support can be requested across a range of funding categories, including course development stipends, course materials, and funding for class speakers and field trips. The Integrative Learning units can provide expertise and infrastructure, and can also coordinate access to equipment and facilities.
To learn more see our Call for Proposals.

Applications are due by July 1, 2022.

Ways to Engage

Guest lecture(s) and/or workshop(s)

We are available to visit courses to introduce the theory and practice of human-centered design or design-related concepts and methodologies through lectures and/or workshop(s). Examples of this have included; an introduction to human-centered design for courses considering the built environment or experience design; a series of workshops introducing students to the power of making their ideas tangible through prototyping; a series of workshops introducing design principles and techniques for modeling, mapping, or visualizing concepts.

Guest lectures and workshops need to be coordinated prior to the start of the semester and will be accommodated on a first come first serve basis and based on the availability of DTI staff members. Please complete this form and then schedule a Zoom with Emily to discuss.


Use of the classroom at DTI (Capen Annex)

Classes that integrate design or making in some way into their curriculum or could benefit from our flexible design thinking classroom (moveable and adjustable height tables, whiteboards, sticky notes, markers, and access to many lo-fi-making supplies). Please complete this Google Form and email to alert us of your request for the use of CA101. The room functions best at a max of 16 students but can squeeze 20 (not that comfortably).

Use of the classroom space needs to be coordinated prior to the start of the semester or at least 2-weeks prior to a one-off request. You can always check our classroom use calendar posted on our home page to check availability or search ‘The Design Thinking Initiative’ in Google calendar. You will receive an email either confirming the dates and times of your reservation or regretfully declining the request.


Tools and materials check-out 

If you need supplies for simple making activities that can take place in your own classroom or to support a class project beyond use of Capen Annex please fill out this Google Form and email to alert us of the request. You will receive an email either confirming or regretfully declining the request. We can’t promise everything requested, but might suggest alternative supplies more readily available to us. The confirmation email will indicate where to pick your supplies up (either on the porch of Capen Annex or in the 'Pick-Up' bin at the entrance to Capen Annex). That same confirmation email will indicate which tools we expect to be returned to DTI by the end of the semester.

If you’re not sure what supplies or materials you might need for an intended project simply schedule a meeting with Kathy and/or Emily to discuss.


Class tour / introduction to DTI 

An introduction to the lasercutter, vinyl cutter, 3D printer, or safety training can help show students the possibilities for making things available to them at DTI. The introduction will include ways that students can work individually to use the equipment. Schedule a tour of the space by filling out this Google Form and emailing to alert us of your request.

Please visit our Studio & Hours page for more information on our space use policies.