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Prizes & Judges


Draper Competition for Collegiate Women Entrepreneurs

Neilson Library, Room 103
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063
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Phone: 413-585-3653
Fax: 413-585-3655
The top prize-winning team at the 2019 Draper Competition holding a check.
2019’s top prize-winning team.

This year’s competition provides more than $100,000 in cash and prizes, including a $25,000 cash prize as well as a Draper University Scholarship for the Grand Prize winner.


Grand Prize: $25,000 + scholarship to Draper University Heroes Training

2nd Place: $15,000 + scholarship to Draper University Heroes Training

3rd Place: $10,000 + scholarship to Draper University Heroes Training

Honorable Mentions: $5,000

Track Pitch Winners: $2,500

Other prizes as determined by Competition Judges

Past Winners

For the first time in competition history, we have TWO Grand Prize Winners

Grand Prize:

  • Sani (NC State University)
  • SkyPaws (Texas A&M)

Track Winner:

  • Diotex (John Hopkins University)
  • Hydrophos Solutions (University of New Hampshire)

Track Runners Up:

  • Bantu (Vanderbuilt University)
  • Bridg Career (University of Southern California)
  • Hearing Glasses (Minnesota State University)
  • Vaila (Fayetteville State University)

Honorable Mentions:

  • Campus Can Crushers (University of Idaho)
  • EZ Stride (Western New England University)
  • Innovating Environmental Health (Babson College)
  • nisa EFFECT (University of Houston)
  • Schoolhouse Simulations (University of Idaho)
  • Swally (Stetson University)

Pitch Track Winner:

  • Martha's Passions (Landmark College)

Pitch Track Runner Up:

  • The Movement (Xavier University of Louisiana)

Pitch Track Honorable Mentions:

  • Kai Pono Solutions (San Diego State University)
  • Microbe Blaster (UMass-Amherst)
  • UltraMatria (Eastern Washington University)

All finalists were granted scholarships to Draper University.

Grand Prize Winner
Emma Butler '20, Brown University

Track Winners

Just Drive, Southern Methodist University
Ndriana Agro LLC, Skidmore College

Track Winner Ties

Block, Smith College
Em Pads, Oklahoma State University
Solupal, University of St. Thomas
Spara, Smith College

Track Runners up
Eliza, Smith College
Lilac Feminine Care, Texas Christian University
ReBokeh, Bucknell University
Honorable Mentions

BioFuture, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Exit 42 Media, Hobart and William Smith College
KISA, Smith College
Qubit, Cornell University
Sani, North Carolina State University

Fan Favorite
Just Drive, Southern Methodist University


Grand Prize Winner - $25,000

Locker Lifestyle - Product Track #1
Katarina Samardzija '19, Grand Valley State University

Additional prizes: $10,000 scholarship to Draper University plus 2-day, all expenses paid trip to Tampa, FL for 2 sponsored by Embarc Collective and in-kind prizes from Hubspot for Startups, IndieDoGood and Shoobx

Track Winners - $10,000

  • KnoNap, Danya Sherman '19, George Washington University
  • Early Intervention Systems, Nathalya Ramirez '19, George Washington University
  • Tongo Wata, Hawa Tarawally AC'21, Smith College
  • LOU, Rachel Pardue '19, Babson College

Each of these teams will also receive a $5,000 scholarship to Draper University, and in-kind prizes from Hubspot for Startups, IndieDoGood and Shoobx

Runner's Up - $5,000

  • AZUZA Beverage (Cal State Polytechnic)
  • PainterPrinter (Hampshire College)
  • Afra Cafe (Smith College)
  • Strides (Oklahoma State University)
  • Prolitfic (University of Texas, Austin)

Each of these teams will also receive a $2,000 scholarship to Draper University

Honorable Mentions - $1,500

  • Raspberry Farm (Illinois Institute of Tech)
  • Neurochi Meditation (University of Idaho)
  • Spark (Smith College)
  • Informer (University of Oregon)
  • VELV (University of New Hampshire)

Fan Favorites - $500

  • Machai (Smith College)
  • Tress It Up (Smith College)
  • CulFood (Mount Holyoke College)
  • Tongo Wata (Smith College)
  • UniSell (Smith College)

Special Prizes

  • Western Mass Innovation Jam Prize ($500): Blink Tek (Western New England University)
  • Conway Center 5College Prize - 1st Place ($1,000): Let's Talk About It (UMass Amherst)
  • Conway Center 5College Prize - 2nd Place ($750): Willow Denim (Mount Holyoke College)
  • Conway Center 5College Prize - 3rd Place ($500): MassBoard (UMass Amherst)

First Place: $20,000 + $10,000 scholarship to Draper University
Busy Beauty: Jamie Steenbakkers '18 and Michael Leahy '18 (not pictured), Babson College

Second Place: $15,000 + scholarship to Draper University
The Forever Shower: Maria Horta Vorse '18, Alex Boatman '19 (not pictured) and Edward Hall '19 (not pictured), University of Idaho

Third Place: $10,000 + scholarship to Draper University
ReBike: Anmei Zhi '20, Nouhaila Norredine '20 and Elaona Lemoto '20, Smith College

2018 Finalist Team Leaders: $1,000

  • Alz You Need, Leda Rosenthal '18 (Colgate University)
  • Fida, Zoleka Mosiah '19 (Smith College)
  • HF Magnet, Samatha Farley '18 (West Virginia University)
  • Spin, Oumayma Koulouh '19 (Smith College)
  • Survival of the Fitted, Rachel Laflamme '20 (Smith College)
  • Therapalz, Fiona Kalensky '18 (University of Illinois)
  • Zapp Technology, Giovanna Jimenez '18 (University of Houston)

Special Prize Winners

Fan Favorite: $1,000
The Lunch Buddy: Hannah Kelsey '20, Vivian Nelson '20, Haley Markos '20 and Frances Duncan '20, Smith College

Best App: $1,000
Hurdit: Brianna Moore '18 and Leigh Miller '18 (not pictured), Smith College

Conway Center Five College Prizes

First Place: $1,000
Duo Display: Kate Meacham '20 (Mount Holyoke College), Alessandra Massa '19 (Mount Holyoke College, not pictured) and Bryce Paquette '18 (Western New England University)

Second Place: $750
Anchor: Romina Gupta '20 (Mount Holyoke College) and Abhinav Karthikeyan '20 (Boston College, not pictured)

Third Place: $500
Painter Printer: Darleane Torres '21 (Hampshire College) and Joseph Mendoza '21 (Clarkson University)

First Place: $10,000 + $10,000 scholarship to Draper University
ImmunoGo, Emily Morris '19 (Smith College)

Second Place: $7,500 + $7,500 scholarship to Draper University
The Ekari Book Series, Pricilla Semphere '18 (Smith College)

Third Place (tied): $2,500 + $2,500 scholarship to Draper University
Sugaway, Danya Abutaleb '19 (University of Virginia)
Vescenece, Kiran Meghani '17 & Arsheen Menon '17 (University of Houston)

2017 Finalist Team Leaders: $500

Ask Betti, Natasha Jadavji '17 (Smith College)
BuddyRides, Lisa Feiden '18 (Smith College)
MedAhead, Vivian Wang '19 (Smith College)
Noted, Nicolette Ocasio '19 (Cornell University)
ReBike, Nouhaila Norredine '20 (Smith College)
Resound, Lynn Luong '19 (Hofstra University)

Fan FavoriteSanitary Solutions, Sarah Price '18 & Katie Christensen '19 (Smith College)

Best App: ReBike, Nouhaila Norredine '20, Elaona Lemoto '20 & Amnei Zhi '20 (Smith College)

Conway Center Five College Prizes:

  1. Tiwale, Ellen Chilemba (Mount Holyoke);
  2. Travel Unicorn, Carly Forcade (Mount Holyoke) & MejiH2O, Rebecca Onyango (Mount Holyoke)
  3. We've Met, Molly Palmer (UMass - Amherst)

House Prizes: Tenney House - 72% of house members present; Park House - Most Attendees

2021 Judges

  • Melissa Parker Draper '77, Smith Board of Trustees
  • Tim Draper, Founder, DFJ Venture Capital and Draper University
  • Debby Farrington '72, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, StarVest
  • Hannah Jones, Founder & President, Nike Valiant Labs
  • S. Mona Sinha '88, Co-Founder, Raising Change, Inc.
  • Dawanna Williams '90, Founder and Managing Principal, Dunbar Development Partners
  • Ana-Maria Zaugg '71, Chief Marketing Officer, IMS Health (retired)
  • Ed Ackerley, Professor, Eller School of Management, University of Arizona
  • Andrea Auerbach, Global Head of Private Investments, Cambridge Associates LLC
  • Delania Barbee, Founder and Managing Attorney, Barbee Law Boutique, LLC
  • Rachael Bartels, Enterprise Functions Network and Programme Lead, Accenture
  • Ann Blinkhorn, Founder, Blinkhorn, LLC
  • Melissa Chenok, Analytics Group Product Manager, Quorum
  • Paulina Do, Risk Assessor, EPA
  • Allie Felix, Head of Platform, Embarc Collective
  • Tara Fosbre, 2nd Vice President, Technology, Guardian Life
  • Hope Ross Gibaldi, Community Engagement Manager, Valley Venture Mentors
  • Esi Kagale Agyeman Gillo, Co-Founder, DIFFvelopment
  • Jennifer Haggerty, Executive President, Capital Markets and Advanced Technologies Companies
  • Susan Hairston, Chief Executive Officer, Susan Hairston Consulting, LLC
  • Meghan Henshon, Investor, Launch413
  • Jackie Hoffmann, Corporate & Sponsor Finance, Siemens Financial Services
  • Susannah Howe, Engineering Design Clinic Director, Smith College
  • Wendy Hudson, Owner, Nantucket Book Partners
  • Lisa Indovino, Go To Market Partner Sales & Strategy Lead, Anaplan
  • Anne Keenan, Senior Director, Digital Strategy and Communications
  • Brenda Lewis, Principal, Transactions Marketing, Inc.
  • Meng Li, VP of Marketing, NativeCos.
  • Salena Malik, RazorFish
  • Elissa McGinty, Founding Partner, Mavencross
  • Dee Dee Mendoza, Director of Development, Northern California and the Pacific Northwest, Obama Foundation
  • Clarene Mitchell, Founder, TCM Communications
  • Ronald Molina-Brantley, Vice President, Berkshire Bank
  • Ulas Neftci, Regional Director of Midtown Manhattan Small Business Development center, Baruch College
  • Melissa Noonan-Mazzei, Director of Authentication & Production, The RealReal
  • Rick Plaut, Co Founder/Venture Advisor, Launch413
  • Anika Penn, Investment Researcher, Baillie Gifford
  • Erin Fray Reid, President, Luminous Brands
  • Anne Richie, Principal, ACR Capital
  • Liz Roberts, MM Catalyst Fund & Impact Investments, MassMutual
  • Julianne Roseman, Senior Associate, Ventures, Plug and Play
  • Vivian Sayward, President, Vivacity Sportswear Inc.
  • Ayla Schlosser, Director, Portfolio Support at Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation
  • Chris Sims, Partner, The Alchemy Fund
  • Sophinna Singh, Product Portfolio Enterprise Risk Partner, PayPal
  • Phil Steckler, Vice President, Country Business, Inc.
  • Nirupa Umapathy, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Salons for Life
  • Karen Utgoff, I-Corps Site Director, UMass Amherst
  • Amanda Wallis, Board of Directors, First Bank
  • Shaun Wilde, Global Partner Marketing Manager, Red Hat
  • Brenda Wishart, Partner & Executive Recruiter, Aspen Square Management  
  • Lynne Zagami, Head of Customer Success, Shoobx Inc.
  • Gail Zauder, Managing Partner, Elixir Advisors