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Draper Competition for Collegiate Women Entrepreneurs

146 Elm Street
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063

Phone: 413-585-3653
Fax: 413-585-3655
The top prize-winning team at the 2019 Draper Competition holding a check.
2019’s top prize-winning team.

This year’s competition provides more than $100,000 in cash and prizes, including a $25,000 cash prize as well as a Draper University Scholarship for the Grand Prize winner.

2020 Prizes

Grand Prize: $25,000 + Draper University Scholarship

Track Winners (4): $10,000 (not including track of Grand Prize winner)

Track Runners Up (5): $5,000

Honorable Mentions (5): $1,500


2020 Judges

  • Melissa Parker Draper '77, Smith Board of Trustees
  • Tim Draper, Founder, DFJ Venture Capital and Draper University
  • Debby Farrington '72, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, StarVest
  • Robyn Glaser, Vice President, The Kraft Group
  • S. Mona Sinha '88, Co-Founder, Raising Change, Inc.
  • Dawanna Williams '90, Founder and Managing Principal, Dunbar Development Partners
  • Mia Abbruzzese, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Attn:Grace
  • Elizabeth Baraja-Roman , President & CEO, Women’s Funding Network
  • Michele Courton Brown, CEO, Quality Interactions, Inc.
  • Esi Gillo, Co-Founder and President, DIFFvelopment
  • Lianna Kushi, Executive Director, EforAll Lowell-Lawrence
  • Brenda Lewis, President, Transactions Marketing, Inc.
  • Kristin Leutz, Executive Director, Startup Champions Network
  • Joan McArdle, Senior VP (Retired), Massachusetts Capital Resource Company
  • Melissa Noonan-Mazzei, Director of Authentication & Production, The RealReal
  • Susan Otten, CEO and Co-Founder, Indie Do Good
  • Anika Penn, Investment Researcher, Baillie Gifford
  • Liz Roberts, Investor and Entrepreneur
  • Anne Richie, Venture Partner, JumpStart
  • Shakenna Williams, Director of Global Initiatives, Babson College Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Brenda Wishart, Partner and Executive Recruiter, Aspen Square Management
  • Gail Zauder, Managing Partner, Elixir Advisors
  • Stephanie Khurana, Managing Director, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation
  • Allie Felix, Director of Platform, Embarc Collective
  • Gwen Robinson, Principal, Adapt Urban Markets
  • Shaun Wilde, Global Marketing Manager, Red Hat
  • Marianne Yoshioka, Dean, Elizabeth Marting Truehaft Professor, Smith College School for Social Work
  • Payton Shubrick, Home Office Technologist/CEO & Founder, MassMutual/6 Brick's LLC
  • Katarina Samardzija, Founder & CEO, Locker Lifestyle
  • Louise Kennedy, Founding Attorney, West Hill Technology Counsel
  • Tara Fosbre, 2nd Vice President, Technology, Guardian Life

Past Winners

Grand Prize Winner - Locker Lifestyle

Grand Prize Winners

Katarina Samardzija '19, Grand Valley State University

Track Winners

KnoNap Track Winner 2019

  • KnoNap, Danya Sherman '19, George Washington University

Early Intervention System Track Winner 2019

Tonga Water Track Winner 2019

Lou Track Winner 2019
  • LOU, Rachel Pardue '19, Babson College

Runners Up

  • AZUZA Beverage (Cal State Polytechnic)
  • PainterPrinter (Hampshire College)
  • Afra Cafe (Smith College)
  • Strides (Oklahoma State University)
  • Prolitfic (University of Texas, Austin)
Honorable Mentions $1,500
Fan Favorites
  • Machai (Smith College)
  • Tress It Up (Smith College)
  • CulFood (Mount Holyoke College)
  • Tongo Wata (Smith College)
  • UniSell (Smith College)

Smith Houses

  • Most 2019 Draper Applicants: Ziskind House
  • Most House Attendees: Cutter House
  • Greatest % of House Attendees: Park House
  • House with Track Winner: 150 Elm Street

2018 Draper Competition - First Place

First Place: $20,000 + $10,000 scholarship to Draper University
Busy Beauty: Jamie Steenbakkers '18 and Michael Leahy '18 (not pictured), Babson College

2018 Draper Competition - Second Place

Second Place: $15,000 + scholarship to Draper University
The Forever Shower: Maria Horta Vorse '18, Alex Boatman '19 (not pictured) and Edward Hall '19 (not pictured), University of Idaho

2018 Draper Competition - Third Place

Third Place: $10,000 + scholarship to Draper University
ReBike: Anmei Zhi '20, Nouhaila Norredine '20 and Elaona Lemoto '20, Smith College

2018 Finalist Team Leaders: $1,000

  • Alz You Need, Leda Rosenthal '18 (Colgate University)
  • Fida, Zoleka Mosiah '19 (Smith College)
  • HF Magnet, Samatha Farley '18 (West Virginia University)
  • Spin, Oumayma Koulouh '19 (Smith College)
  • Survival of the Fitted, Rachel Laflamme '20 (Smith College)
  • Therapalz, Fiona Kalensky '18 (University of Illinois)
  • Zapp Technology, Giovanna Jimenez '18 (University of Houston)

Special Prize Winners

2018 Draper Competition - Fan Favorite

Fan Favorite: $1,000
The Lunch Buddy: Hannah Kelsey '20, Vivian Nelson '20, Haley Markos '20 and Frances Duncan '20, Smith College

2018 Draper Competition - Best App

Best App: $1,000
Hurdit: Brianna Moore '18 and Leigh Miller '18 (not pictured), Smith College

Conway Center Five College Prizes

CIEC 5-College Prize Winner

First Place: $1,000
Duo Display: Kate Meacham '20 (Mount Holyoke College), Alessandra Massa '19 (Mount Holyoke College, not pictured) and Bryce Paquette '18 (Western New England University)

CIEC 5-College Prize Winner

Second Place: $750
Anchor: Romina Gupta '20 (Mount Holyoke College) and Abhinav Karthikeyan '20 (Boston College, not pictured)

CIEC 5-College Prize Winner

Third Place: $500
Painter Printer: Darleane Torres '21 (Hampshire College) and Joseph Mendoza '21 (Clarkson University)

First Place: ImmunoGo, Emily Morris '19 (Smith College)
$10,000 + $10,000 scholarship to Draper University

Emily Morris '19, ImmunoGo

Second Place: The Ekari Book Series, Pricilla Semphere '18 (Smith College)
$7,500 + $7,500 scholarship to Draper University

Priscilla Semphere '18, The Ekari Book Series

Third Place (tied): Sugaway, Danya Abutaleb '19 (University of Virginia)
$2,500 + $2,500 scholarship to Draper University

Danya Abutalev, Sugaway


Third Place (tied): Vescenece, Kiran Meghani '17 & Arsheen Menon '17 (University of Houston)
$2,500 + $2,500 scholarship to Draper University

Kiran Meghani, Vescence

2017 Finalist Team Leaders: $500

Ask Betti, Natasha Jadavji '17 (Smith College)
BuddyRides, Lisa Feiden '18 (Smith College)
MedAhead, Vivian Wang '19 (Smith College)
Noted, Nicolette Ocasio '19 (Cornell University)
ReBike, Nouhaila Norredine '20 (Smith College)
Resound, Lynn Luong '19 (Hofstra University)


Audience FavoriteSanitary Solutions, Sarah Price '18 & Katie Christensen '19 (Smith College)

 Sarah Price '18, Sanitary Solutions

Best App: ReBike, Nouhaila Norredine '20, Elaona Lemoto '20 & Amnei Zhi '20 (Smith College)

Best App


Conway Center Five College Prizes:

  1. Tiwale, Ellen Chilemba (Mount Holyoke);
  2. Travel Unicorn, Carly Forcade (Mount Holyoke) & MejiH2O, Rebecca Onyango (Mount Holyoke)
  3. We've Met, Molly Palmer (UMass - Amherst)

House Prizes: Tenney House - 72% of house members present; Park House - Most Attendees